Debra Peterson’s Throwing A “Playmate Party!” My “2021 Sex Kitten Countdown” Has Their Hot Sauna!!

Celebrating Debra Peterson’s Playmate Party!

My “2021 Sex Kitten Countdown” uncovers a Playboy Playmate with a short career in the spotlight, but it included a fun “Pajama Party!”

Playmate Debra Peterson was born in 1955 in Santa Monica California, and grew up in the suburb of Rolling Hills. She developed a passion for horses at a young age and would ride the trails near her home from dusk till dawn.

Her equestrian desire was put on hold when her parents divorced when she was 15 years old – from there her biography states she became a Model and attracted the attention of Playboy.

Peterson has a story similar to many of the Playmates of that era: they are “discovered” and put in the magazine for a brief period of fame.

Debra was Playboy magazine’s Playmate of the Month in June 1976.

As always, the articles offer up their passions, likes/dislikes, and POV on all sort of topics, including sex.

As she said candidly at the time:

“Sex is an important part of anyone’s life; if your sex life isn’t good, you end up bitching at everyone. I enjoy sex with no qualifications—as long as it’s one on one. I don’t go for orgies,”

When looking up biographical information for some of the these 70’s Playmates, the trail tends to run dry – if they don’t go onto an acting career, they seem to fade away after this brief time in the spotlight:

In fact, the only credit I can find for Debra is appearing as herself is something called “Playboy’s Playmate Party” in 1977…

I found photos like this one, which are credited to a “Playboy House Party” – and could be from the 1977 TV show or just the magazine, but it’s clear that Hugh Hefner was selling the idea of sexy Playmates hanging out and having fun…

And of course, taking saunas together!

this is a bygone era when the “lifestyle” of a Playmate involved being smart but sexy, playful but classy, and Peterson fit that perfectly….the “All-American” girl…

This was an era when obscenity laws were relaxed, and magazines and film were more provocative and daring…for example:

Playmate Liv Lindeland was the first Playboy Playmate to show pubic hair…you can read about this Playmate and her groundbreaking pictorial by clicking on my story here:

And since you asked, here’s Playboy’s tallest Playmate ever:

Cara Michelle’s her name, and you can find out just how tall she is by clicking on my story here:

For some of our most popular Playmates, they went into film, but then their lives turned tragic:

Playmate Victoria Vetri went to the moon, but also ended up in prison – click here to read that shocking story:

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  1. I find those ‘Playmate Parties’ so cheesy and retro now, John. Funny to see them in photos.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. This is a fantastic website! There is so much good stuff here. Thank you so much for making this, mr. Rieber. Brings back a lot of memories.

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  3. Debra was one of my favorites. Too bad she has seemingly disappeared.

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