Annie Belle’s “Lips Of Blood!” At The Wild “House On The Edge Of The Park!”

Meet French Actress Annie Belle!

One of the most enjoyable aspects of my “2021 Sex Kitten Countdown” is to highlight the career of Cult Movie Queens who may not be as well known, and for me, that was the case here!

French Actress Annie Belle was born Annie Brilland on December 10, 1956 in Paris, France.

Annie had an interesting acting career – she worked with one of France’s most iconic cult Directors and had a run of “Emmanuelle” films as well!

Belle was from a family of engineers and got the acting bug while attending the Rue Blanche acting school in Paris.

Annie got an early start in film, making her motion picture debut while still in her teens in 1974.

And what a debut it was!

“Bacchanales Sexuelles!”

What a wild cinematic start! What a title!

In fact, check out that “alternative” title as well!

“Fly Me The French Way” Indeed!

Legendary French Director Jean Rollin worked as Michel Gentil on this film, and Annie Belle was credited with her birthday name Annie Brilland – and boy, was this a notorious film for its time!

Here’s the plot:

Valerie watches over her cousin’s place while he is away. She calls her girlfriend Sophie over for some hot lesbian sex!

Later that night, members of a crazed sex cult break in and mistakenly kidnap Sophie – well of course they do!

Joelle Coeur stars in the film, and I became obsessed with her when I saw her in Jean Rollin’s gothic horror film “The Demoniacs”:

She was a mesmerizing Actress who only left the business when films became too explicit for her…see some of her most provocative roles by clicking on my story here:

Annie used the same name for her 1975 film with Director Rollin:

“Lips Of Blood”

Annie really gets a chance to show herself off in this erotic thriller.

Frederick sees a photograph of a ruined seaside castle, which triggers a strange childhood memory. He then goes on a strange quest to find the castle and the beautiful woman who lives there.

These films have been released on a variety of terrific DVD and Blu-rays for new fans to enjoy.

Annie went by Annie Brilland for several films before changing officially to Annie Belle in this 1975 film that underwent a title change and spent some time on the shelf before finally being released:

“Forever Emmanuelle”

The original title of this film was “Laure” or “Laura”…check out this teaser trailer:

According to IMDB, here’s the plot:

At an institute in Manila, researchers and eco-tourists trade stories about the Mara tribe, who live on a remote island and have an annual festival of rebirth in which some of the tribe forget who they are and begin again. Laure is the daughter of the institute’s director; she’s a free spirit who has captured the fancy of Nicola, a European photographer.

The film doesn’t really seem to be an “Emmanuelle” film, but in those days, films were released with very misleading titles – whatever it took to fill seats!

However, it was the next year that Annie was teamed up with a very “real” Emmanuelle:

“Black Emmanuelle, White Emmanuelle”

That’s right, Annie was teamed with Laura Gemser, who had starred in several “Emmanuelle” films herself.

Here’s the plot:

Glamorous Laura and her abusive husband Carlo go to Egypt to visit Laura’s wealthy friend Crystal. While staying at Crystal’s palatial abode Laura befriends Crystal’s free-spirited daughter Pina – great news for cult film lovers!

Laura starred in “Black Emmanuelle”, and many more cult gems as well..a real Icon of the genre – you can see her most revealing roles by clicking on my story here:

In 1976, Annie Belle starred in a film that purported to be her true story:

Here’s the plot: Annie, the mistress of a middle-aged financier, accompanies him on a trip to Hong Kong. When his business interests collapse Annie ends up destitute.

Don’t worry, help was on the way!

She is befriended by a group of socialites and begins her rite of passage in their world.

For Belle, her most notorious film was just around the corner – at the “House At The Edge Of The Park!”

Director Ruggero “Cannibal Holocaust” Deodato’s brutal and controversial “House on the Edge of the Park” was next up for Belle in 1980:

This film was a gritty home invasion thriller, quite controversial at the time.

Two low-life punks invite themselves to a party at a posh villa and after being taunted by their snobbish hosts, decide to exact their twisted revenge by taking everyone hostage and subjecting them to various forms of torture and mayhem!

In the midst of the home invasion, Annie decides to take a very long and extremely naked shower, followed by one of the rapists:

David Hess chews the scenery and more as one of the bad guys – a truly over the top performance that must be seen to be believed – he is best known of course for “The Last House On The Left” – but I also loved him in this rough gem:

“Hitch Hike” has a stellar cast, a great plot and some really tense sequences – and of course, it had the gorgeous Corinne Clery as well:

Clery gives a fearless performance in this great 70’s thriller – see all of Clery’s credits by clicking on my story here:

Annie Belle ultimately had 40 film credits before leaving the business in 1989.

After leaving acting, Belle received a college degree in psychology and subsequently went on to become a social worker for people diagnosed with mental illness.

One of her “Emmanuelle” films reminded me of another great cult film:

That’s right – the classic exploitation film starring Pam Grier and Margaret Markov, getting thrown in jail with only one requirement: to shower!

Click here to see more wild shots from the film!

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Bravo to Annie Belle for her terrific cult movie career – and follow me for more of my “2021 Sex Kitten Countdown!”

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  1. I onlly ever saw the first ‘Emmanuelle’ film, with Sylvia Kristel, so have not seen any films featuring Annie Belle. I have seen ‘Hitch Hike’ though, and enjoyed that film.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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