The Fascinating Life Of Adult Actress Jean Jennings! My “2021 Sex Kitten Countdown” Has Her Story – Including Joe Spinell!

Celebrating The Legend Of Jean Jennings!

Some of the great Cult Movie Queens of the 70’s have been forgotten, and this edition of my “2021 Sex Kitten Countdown” seeks to remedy that!

Meet Jean Jennings!

Jean Jennings was born Cynthia Jean Jackson on February 13, 1957 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Her stunning beauty captivated moviegoers in the 70’s in a “far too brief” career.

It all began when Jennings ran away from home while a teenager.

She ended up in New York and the independent film scene.

Jean was only 16 when she made her movie debut.

“The Case Of The Full Moon Murders”

Or, “The Case Of The Smiling Stiffs!”

This 1973 film starred Harry Reems of “Deep Throat” fame. It was directed by Sean Cunningham, who was involved in “The Last House On The Left” and also made the first “Friday The 13th” film several years later!

This is real “nudge nudge wink wink” stuff to be sure!

The plot is pure “British Sex Comedy”: Is Emma a voyeur vampire who can turn into a bat? Apparently, and she leaves many smiling faces on her victims after going down on them during a full moon!

This X-rated sex comedy was released under different titles, and Jean received a “Strip Poker Girl” credit:

And with this role, she was on her way!

According to the great website, Jean was frequently cast as a virginal innocent because of her youthful look:

Jennings appeared in seven more films prior to her retirement from the adult film industry in 1979. That’s right, she only made 8 films in her career.

She played “Girl #13” in a film called “There Is No 13”:

This independent film is the story of a soldier during the Vietnam War, and his memories of the 12 women he had been involved with…there is no 13…

Interestingly, Margaret Markov played girl #11:

Markov’s greatest role was in the shower with Pam Grier, before they escaped from prison in the terrific 70’s film “Black Mama, White Mama!”

You can see more of her great film work by clicking on my story here:

Next up for Jean was one of her most famous efforts – and a true “adult film”:

“The Autobiography Of A Flea”

This 1976 was based on an anonymous erotic novel first published in 1887 in London.

The film was critically acclaimed, and Jean gave a terrific, energetic performance.

In 1810, a flea narrates the story of its host, an innocent 14 year old girl abused and corrupted by an evil lusty priest in league with her vile old uncle and several other wicked men.

As the Flea says at one point in the film about Belle, Jean’s character:

“Belle, left without protectors, readily lent an ear, among other orifices, to the solicitations of dear Father Ambrose and was persuaded to take the veil.”

The following year, Jean got married – and look who her husband was!

Jean married the legendary Character Actor Joe Spinell in February 1977 – at the time, Spinell had already been in “The Godfather” and “Rocky” among many other films!

Cult fans will know Joe for his performances in so many different films, like the crazed killer in “Maniac” with Caroline Munro.

Jean and Joe had one child before divorcing in 1979.

Jean’s film work was winding down at this point…she made 3 films in 1977 called “Virgin Dreams”, “Sharon” and “Sweetheart” – and that was it.

She dropped out of the business.

After her divorce from Spinell, Jean settled down in Tampa, Florida, where she worked as a nurse and remarried.

Shockingly, Jean died at age 54 in 2011! I couldn’t find a cause of death.

Jean’s short career only included a brief foray into the adult film world before she dropped out of the business completely.

Her career reminded me of another Cult Movie Queen who flirted with adult films before settling into a mainstream career opposite Bill Murray!

Kristine DeBell starred in the X-rated musical “Alice In Wonderland” – as you can see, this was NO kid’s story!

There are multiple versions of the film, so what exactly did she do on camera? Click here for the whole revealing story:

As I said, Jean’s husband Joe Spinell worked with Caroline Munro, who was another of the great Cult Movie Queens of the 70’s and 80’s!

You can see more of her career by clicking on my story here:

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Let me know if you are familiar with Jean’s work!

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  1. I don’t know of her at all, John. I have to say that her and Joe Spinell seem to be a rather mismatched couple though.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. Jean’s thick blonde bush is an instant turn-on. Couldn’t find many clips of her on xhamster and what a shame her career was so short and almost forgotten. A sexy lady indeed. Thanks John for remembering these forgotten beauties.



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