Russian Playmate Irina Voronina! My “2021 Sex Kitten Countdown” Has This Hot Blooded Cold War Model And Comedienne!

irina vironina sex kitten countdown

Celebrating Playboy’s Russian Playmate!

My “2021 Sex Kitten Countdown” goes overseas to showcase this talented Russian Playmate, who is now a Standup Comedienne!

irina vironina 2021 sex kitten countdown

Celebrating The Career Of Irina Voronina!

Irina Voronina is a Russian Playboy Model, Actress And Standup Comic. She was born on December 19, 1977 in Dzerzhinsk, Russia.


Irina first started working as a Model at age 14, and it was a few years later that she made her Playboy appearance.


As you can see, the camera loves Irina, and these photos were hugely popular at the time.

She was chosen as Playboy’s Playmate of the Month in January 2001.

Irina was 23 years old when she became a Playmate.

It would prove to be a launching pad for film, TV and more!

She has appeared in the films “Reno 911!: Miami” and “Epic Movie” as well.

Irina was also a series regular on Adult Swim’s first ever live action show “Saul of the Mole Men”.

irina voronina balls of fury

Her feature film credits include 2007’s “Balls of Fury” and 2012’s cult gem “Piranha 3DD!”

piranha 3DD parody

Veronica has appeared on many TV shows in the past decade as well…she has worked to build a solid career, while also venturing into live performing as well!

As of 2015, Voronina has performed as a stand-up comedian throughout Los Angeles and surrounding areas.

standup comedian irina voronina

In 2018, Voronina was chosen to perform at the Comedy Festivals of San Diego, Joshua Tree, Palm Springs, Burbank and Orange County, as well as Los Angeles’ LaughRiot Grrrl. In August, 2019, her television stand-up debut aired on the second season of Prime Video’s “Laugh After Dark.”


Bravo to Irina Voronina for a great career, and hopefully, with the world getting through this deadly pandemic, she will be back out on the road performing again!

Voronina is one of many Playmates who carved out a terrific career:

sex kitten heidi sorenson nude

Heidi Sorenson had a great career after Playboy, and you can see all of her highlights by clicking only story here:

A few Playmates have had iconic movies moments as well:

Michelle Drake

Michelle Drake Hollywood KNights

Michelle Drake will always be remembered for this hilariously revealing moment in the film “Hollywood Knights” – click here to see more:

Karen Price was far more than a Playmate and actress:

Karen Price Playmate January 1981

She was a kick ass Stuntwoman as well!  You can see the popular 80’s action films she performed in by clicking on my story here:

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  1. I had never heard of her, John. But I can see why she was so popular.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. looks like some new pictures are mixed in with the origals, stunning.

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    • Sometimes it is hard to tell when finding images online which are the newer ones…I try to point all all of the times they have posed, but that also is spotty at times…thanks for commenting!



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