The Mystery Of Sex Kitten Marisa Feldy! She Has “Teenage Intimacies”! Her Hilarious “Schoolgirl Report” German Sex Film Series!

It All Began With This Poster…

One of the great Facebook Cult Movie Fans shared this a while back, and I was intrigued, so I looked it up….and found Marisa Feldy…even though she wasn’t listed on the poster…


MaRISA Feldy


Meet Marisa Feldy!

This Actress has had a wild, wild career – not that you would know! That film poster started me on a search for a mysterious Actress with some very provocative films!

Maria Feldy sex kitten 2021


The Mystery Of Marisa Feldy!

As part of my “2021 Sex Kitten Countdown”, I am profiling an Actress who appeared in a string of movies – but never got much credit for it!

You see: Marisa is quite a mystery.  This subtle smile is from one picture I found of her – hinting at what made her so popular:


marisa feldy she devils movie


Yep, a search for her film credits led me on a wild, wild journey through the mysteries of 70’s softcore “educational sex” films, and guess what?  It’s not easy because much of what she did was uncredited!

You’ll see it’s a trend in her career, as she’s not listed on this wildly provocative movie poster either, but she’s in it as well:

14 and under marisa feldy

“14 And Under!” Really?

I mean, c’mon! Can you imagine a film with this title being released today?!?

Everyone in the film is of legal age, but to portray a teen that young is not something you’d see any more – but I’m about to share with you a film series that purported to be all about them!

As for Marisa’s career, she has NINE films listed on IMDB, which is a treasure trove for film lovers – but she only actually received an onscreen credit in TWO of those films!

marisa feldy sex kitten

The fact that she never got mentioned in the movie credits didn’t stop her from being used in all her glory to promote these films in Europe:

Marisa Feldy German press releases

And what films they are!

Welcome to the 70’s – and to West Germany, where “educational films” like these were ripping the lid off of teenage sex, in a lurid series called:

schoolgirl report film series


“Schoolgirl Report!”

The lurid “Schoolgirl Report” series from Germany tore the lid off of teenage sex – just as “14 And Under” promised to do.

There were 14 films in this wild series, spanning the entirety of the 70’s, the golden decade of porn.

The films are all X-rated, but are not hardcore, just lots of full frontal nudity, sexual situations and simulated wildness, purporting to be “documentaries” about the sexual urges of that country’s teenagers.

2021 sex kitten marisa feldy

Cue The Mysterious Marisa Feldy!

You are about to see that Maria was naked a lot in her brief career – but what else is known about her?

Well, apparently Marisa worked as a Stewardess for Austrian Airlines before moving to Munich in 1972 where she was an Interpreter.

However, “Nazisploitation” was waiting!

“She Devils Of The SS!”

She got her start in show business with a role in this 1973 “Nazisploitation” film – and many of the nude photos of her online are from this film:

In this West German film, it’s the last days of WW2, and women are volunteering from all over Germany to serve in the front lines by having sex with the brave Nazi soldiers!

Of course they are!

Marisa appeared in a whole slew of crazy sex films of that era, including the previously mentioned “14 And Under:”

She also appeared in a film called “Naughty Freshmen” in 1973 – the poster that started this trip down the rabbit hole of West German softcore porn!

Except did you know that this film’s real title was actually this:

That’s right: that “Schoolgirl Report” series was released under all sorts of names all around the world…more on this one in a moment but here’s another example!

“Schoolgirls Growing Up”….hmmmm…or is it perhaps actually THIS film!

You see how this happened? A popular series of West German sex films found their way to America and else where under more provocative titles!

Marisa Feldy was naked a lot in these films, but she didn’t get credited often – however, my research into the original film poster led me to one of her more notorious outings:

It’s the 8th one that sealed Marisa’s status, thanks to a completely naked jaunt to the beach:

Yes, that’s Marisa on the right – and this wild chapter in the sexploitation series included a number of iconic sequences about what these “Schoolgirls” were up to – mainly, running naked in the fields of Germany!

Shown now on the left, Feldy starred in the 8th installment of the German softcore series.

“Schoolgirl Report 8: What Parents Must Never Know!”

Love the subtitle for this one that Marisa was in!

Each film is a series of vignettes that tell stories of “schoolgirls” who are getting involved in sexual activity, and discovering their bodies at the same time…

Marisa was just one of the many Actresses who appeared in the film’s short stories-like in the notorious episode #11:

Yes, the 11th film offers up Swedish sensation Christina Lindberg here, who seduces a man in order to open his eyes to the pleasures of lovemaking!

That’s right, the “Queen Of Artsploitation” also appeared in an episode of the series, and what a revealing career she had!

Click here to see it all:

These films supposedly “documented” stories of young women who were facing big issues with sex. Annette hides her pregnancy from her parents, because she fears their reaction. A few of the girls turn their prudish Biology teacher from a lame dame, to a boobtastic sexpot.

Marisa is on the left, one of two skinny dipping teens compare breast sizes as a perverted man swipes their clothes.

You get the ideas: skits designed to give the young Actress plenty of room to showcase themselves!

Feldy was up for anything, and these films are all on home video if you want to re-live the 70’s through this filter!

As for Feldy, soon after her appearance in the S”school” series she simply disappeared…she stopped appearing in these films, didn’t act in anything else I could find…but you know what?

That’s not all that unusual: remember the story of Gina Paluzzi?

She appeared in a few wild cult films then disappeared – click here to see her revealing story:

And what about Donna Desmond?

This very “naughty” Actress appeared in a number of films with a number of different screen names, then also disappeared…click here to see her wild wild tale:

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Leave a comment and let me know if you’ve seen any of the “Schoolgirl” films!

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  1. I am watching Frauleins in Uniform on the Full Moon Features app just so I can see Ms Feldy in action! Wow. I am seeing both sex comedy tropes and horrors-of-war tropes in the same movie

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  2. At least the women portraying underage girls didn’t look young enough. But as you say, try getting those made today!
    Best wishes, Pete.

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