Celebrating An X-Rated “Angel”! This “Star Angel” Shined Bright And Then Disappeared! My “Sex Kitten Countdown” Has Angel’s Greatest Hits!

Celebrating This XXX-Rated “Angel!”

My Facebook friend Angel posted a picture of an Adult Film Star I didn’t know, and it led me on a fascinating journey through 80’s porn!

My “Sex Kitten Countdown” has the story of “Angel”, who was born Jennifer James, and grew up in Germany on a military base…

She got her start as a Model, and had once appeared on the cover of “Seventeen” magazine.

But she became famous when she moved into adult films and starred in the XXX-rated film “Star Angel”.

When asked about casting for the film, Director Cecil Howard shared details of his first meeting with Angel, and how it led to the film’s title:

“On a trip to California, word got out I was seeking a new face for my next movie, “Dangerous Stuff”. I was introduced to Angel by her agent who was very protective of her. In person she was stunning and I knew at that moment she had to be my next star. Her acting was commendable and was an “angel” on the set. Upon completion, I rehired her for my next movie where I believe she really excelled. She was so good that I actually named the movie after her….STAR ANGEL.”

And was she ever!

Angel made less than 40 films in her seven-year career, unusual at a time when the biggest stars were appearing in dozens of films each year!

Among the titles were these:

“For Your Thighs Only” was an obvious James Bond parody in 1984

“Angel Of The Night” in 1985 started a trend of many films having “Angel” in the title.

She starred in “Blonde Heat” in 1985, which was subtitled “The Case Of The Maltese Dildo”!

“Debbie Does ‘Em All” in 1985 was an homage to the XXX-classic “Debbie Does Dallas” starring Bambi Woods:

This legendary adult film was one of the only times we ever saw Woods…click here to see her story:

Angel managed to achieve some mainstream success even with her adult background.

Although several former “Penthouse” Magazine Pets of the Month have gone on to act in adult films, Angel was one of the very who was chosen Pet of the Month (in October 1985) after having done adult films.

Angel was very selective in the works he did. At a time when many Actresses were averaging five or six films a month, Angel worked far less, and that made her even more popular.

In 1988 she did a trio of “Angel” films: “Undercover Angel”, “Angel Rising” and “Angel’s Back”!

She followed those with “Lost Angel” and “Angel Of The Island” in 1989…a few lesser titles followed, and then that was it!

Ultimately, Angel only performed in 35 films, far fewer than others in the business, and there was no reason given for her decision to retire from the business…

She all but quit the business in 1989, only making a few films that year and a few more in 1991 (she didn’t make any in 1990).

After that, there is no record of what happened to her, but she left the business for good.

Her look reminds me of another huge star of the 80’s – but a much more notorious one:

Traci Lords was achieving her notoriety around the same time.

An incredible new podcast tells her controversial story, and you can see more about it and her career by clicking on my story here:

Another huge 80’s Adult Film Star also blazed brightly for a short period of time:

Kandi Barbour built a great career for herself, but sadly, it ended in tragedy.

You can click here to see that story:

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Let me know I you are a fan of Angel, and if there is anyone else you’d like to see covered in the countdown!

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  1. I always wondered what happened to her.


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    You certainly find them, John. Another one I had never heard of.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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