3 Legendary Grindhouse Sex Kittens! Lina Romay! Christina Lindberg! Soledad Miranda! Your “Must Have” Exploitation Buying Guide!

Welcome To “The Deuce!”

If you saw the terrific HBO series “The Deuce” with Maggie Gyllenhaal and James Franco, you know that this was where the action was in the “anything goes” grindhouse era!

Block after block of movie theaters “grinding” out exploitation films 24 hours a day…the provocative movie titles were there, and the “open all night” offer was important as well, but there were a few stars whose names helped bring in the “almost always” male audience…

Lina Romay!

One such name was Lina Romay – with wild movie titles like “Countess Perverse” and “Lorna The Exorcists”, this incredible Actress made dozens of films, mostly for her partner, Director Jess Franco, who may be the most prolific Director of all time!

What I love about these films is that he is obsessed with women – so he let’s Romay and others take the lead roles, the films revolve around them, and they are strong, empowered women, like in these films!

Here is an example. “The Hot Nights Of Linda” is classic Jess Franco filmmaking: many beautiful scenes of the Mediterranean, where he liked to shoot – and that means “not quite smooth” pans and zooms – check out the trailer and you will get an idea (note this is a sometimes NSFW trailer with the alternate name “But Who Raped Linda?”):

Director Franco just may be the world’s most prolific film Director of all time, as he made literally HUNDREDS of movies, such as “Wanda The Wicked Warden”, “She Killed In Ecstasy” and “How To Seduce A Virgin”, and Lina starred in many of them…


And yes, she was nude in all of them!  You can click here to see some of their most notorious ones!




Along with Romay, another foreign Actress is a favorite of mine – and she is known as the “Queen Of Artsploitation!”

Christina Lindberg!

Christina is an icon in “Artsploitation” cinema – which are european films with sex and violence – but with an artistic bent that makes them more sophisticated – and certainly more plot-driven than many exploitation films of the era. Lindberg was the star of such classic “artsploitation” movies as “Exposed” and “Maid In Sweden.”

It’s important to note that these roles were primarily empowered women – such as the notorious Lindberg film where she becomes a female vigilante!

Her role in “Thriller: A Cruel Picture” AKA “They Call Her One-Eye” inspired Quentin Tarantino in the making of “Kill Bill”.

Here is the original trailer:

Sex Kitten Christina Lindberg

She is an iconic Actress – and was also wiling to bare all for her art:



Lindberg put all of herself into these films – which are interesting to watch as “time capsules” of another era of permissiveness – read more about her by clicking here:



Finally, one of Jess Franco’s Actresses made several great films before dying tragically:

Soledad Miranda!

This Spanish Actress was a flamenco dancer and singer, but she also starred in one of Franco’s best films, “She Killed In Ecstasy”!

Yes, that’s Franco himself being impaled by Miranda, who also made the great exploitation film “Vampyros Lesbos” for Franco…

Bravo to Severin Films for their terrific blu-ray releases of both films – these are truly great example of 70’s cult cinema – Miranda died tragically, but she left behind a few terrific cult films – see more here:

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