“Hot ‘n’ Saucy” Laurien Dominique! My “2021 Sex Kitten Countdown” Was A “Budding” Adult “Superstar!”

Meet “Hot ‘n’ Saucy” Laurien Dominque!

My “2021 Sex Kitten Countdown” has been profiling some of the most well known Adult Stars from the “Golden Age Of Porn” – and that includes Laurien!

Laurien Dominique was born in September 1956 in Springfield, Illinois.

Laurien had quite an upbringing!

She lived naked for a year in a rain forest in Kauai, Hawaii at age sixteen and worked at a theater prior to her involvement in the adult entertainment industry.

Dominique appeared in her first hardcore movie in 1976, when she was 20 years old.

Her first breakout hit was the “Mary Hartman” parody from 1977:

“Hard Soap Hard Soap”

This very well-reviewed parody of daytime soap operas, it’s the story of two housewives who are constantly talking about their sexual issues. It turns out that Laurien Dominique is struggling with the fact that her husband can’t get an erection – and he is played by Johnny Wadd!

Laurien ended up in Playboy as one of the “New Porn Stars: Beautiful And Talented.”

That same year, she appeared in the wild “4D” extravaganza called “The Starlets!”

Yes, it was filmed in “Quadravision!” Surprised that never took off!

An inside look at the most exclusive sex club in Hollywood, and the beautiful actresses who will do anything to screw their way to the top.

Laurien was credited in the film as Dorothy Newkirk

Desiree West was also in the film, credited as Patricia Lee…I’ve told her story:

She was the first “Black Superstar” of adult film, and you can read all about her by clicking only story here:

For Laurien, she was also featured in this classic adult gem:

“Hot & Saucy Pizza Girls” in 1978

That’s right, Laurien was one of these “hot and saucy” stars of the film!

Of course, perhaps one of the most beautiful women to work in adult film was her co-star Desiree Cousteau:

Desiree was in a number of great films but perhaps is best known for this one:

You can see more of Cousteau’s provocative work by clicking on my story here:

Back to Dominique, who was also an Artist who did surrealistic paintings on canvasses with fantasy and science fiction themes – along with erotic portraits as well…

Laurien appeared in “Superstar” in 1978…teaming up again with John C. Holmes…among her other credits were these:

Laurien was a free spirit, As she once admitted:

“I used to think that I wanted to make love to a Vogue model. Then I did, and she was so like a mannequin it blew my fantasy right out the window.”

Sadly, Laurien had drug and alcohol problems, and died shockingly in 1986 from an embolism at the age of 29…

Dominique left behind some legendary Adult films, and worked with some of the genre’s greatest stars…

Jennifer Welles was also one of the greatest of that era, and you can see all of her most provocative roles by clicking on my story here:

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  1. I had never heard of ‘Quadravision’, and suspected it was a mde-up name. However, I found this one reference online.
    ‘QUADRAVISION: Ford Motor Company dabbled in projection as well as cars, displaying a four-projector, quadraphonic sound system in certain shopping malls in 1959.’
    Seems it was invented by a car company!
    I don’t know anything about Laurien, but you gave her a great feature, John.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. Any plans for a SUE NERO piece !!??



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