Meet Sylva Koscina! This Sex Kitten Starred In Some Of Italy’s Sexiest Films!

Meet Yugoslavian Sex Kitten Sylva Koscina!

I have had a blast highlighting some of cinema’s great Cult Movie Queens, and the career of Sylva Koscina epitomizes what I’m trying to capture – the magical of women in cinema!

Sylva Koscina was born on August 22, 1933 in Zagreb, Croatia, Yugoslavia.

Her family fled Yugoslavia after World War II and resettled in Italy. Sylva won several beauty contests and worked as a fashion model. 

She attended college in Naples before being lured into the Italian film industry, and what a wild career she had!

Koscina has more than 125 acting credits, and worked with some of the biggest stars in the world – she also graced the cover of Italy’s Playboy magazine – with a gorgeous photo shoot as well!

As Koscina is quoted as saying:

“Nudity can be nice, beautiful, but should not be vulgar. It depends on which way you are treating something. I’m not for pornography. I’m for nudity, but for the classic, beautiful, clean nude.”

Nicely said!

Koscina’s film career includes some hugely popular films from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s!

Here breakout role came in 1958, when she starred alongside Steve Reeves in “Hercules.”

She starred in dozens of films for the next decade, including this gem with Kirk Douglas:

She exuded sex appeal, and appeared in a string of hit films like these:

She was a playful sex kitten in many of her films, but was also an empowered woman as well – as this 1967 film proves:

Mario Bava’s horror gem “Lisa And The Devil” was one of her biggest worldwide hits.

A tourist spends the night in a derelict Spanish villa seemingly held in the supernatural grip of an eccentric butler, who resembles a depiction of the Devil she had seen on an ancient fresco.

Here is the trailer:

The film was also known as “The House Of Exorcism.”

As you know, this film starred sex kitten Elke Sommer, who also had a string of provocative hits:

You can see all of her greatest hits by clicking on my story here:

With more than 120 credits, you can spend all day browsing Sylva’s movies, but I wanted to share some of the more unique cult hits:

This 1972 Italian “Giallo” shocker is the story of a blind pianist, who

tries to figure out who is responsible for a string of murders using a black cat with its claws dipped in curare.

Here is the trailer:

This is a great example of the “Giallo” Italian thriller genre – and one of the biggest stars was Edwige Fenech:

You can see all of her most provocative films, like “Strip Nude For Your Killer”, by clicking on my link here:

Sylva Koscina went on to work in television as well as films for the next two decades, and if you look up her credits, you see even more of her great cult films!

I mean, how can you not love an Actress who has this publicity photo to sign!

Koscina appeared in so many great Italian films, just as this sex kitten did:

Femi Benussi had a great cult film career, so even if you don’t recognize her name, click here to see her best roles:

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  1. One of your best blogs

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  2. I remeber Sylvia well, and have seen all of her ‘mainstream’ films. In fact, I went to see ‘Hercules’ at the cinema with my parents. I was only 7 years old, and thought it was amazing! 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.



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