Sexy Stewardesses! Centerfold Girls! Naughty Nurses! My Favorite 70’s Drive-In Genres!

Question: What Make A Drive-In Movie A Drive-In Movie?

Well, that poster is a good place to look for an answer:

“They’ll Give You Fast Fast Fast Relief!”

Oh yes they will…in fact, look at the thought bubbles for each of the Nurses below:

Now THAT’S a great drive-in movie poster! There are so many double entendres and overtly sexual sentences there :

“I’m Learning What To Do Until The Doctor Comes.”

I mean – C’Mon!

And what about those “friendly skies?”

the naughty stewardesses movie

Flying High With “The Naughty Stewardesses!”

Fly “first class”, indeed! You see, in the 70’s, drive-in movie theaters were filled with films like this: promising sex, nudity, and of course, a REAL inside look at the women who work in these jobs!

The decade is filled with a slew of great “Stewardess” films, with sex kittens like Connie Hoffman:

In case you missed these films when they first came out, the majesty of home video has given you the chance to fly these friendly skies again!

Donna Desmond also starred in them as well.

Click here for a look at even more from the genre:

A number of our favorite Cult Movie Queens visited this high-flying genre, like Candace Rialson:

She was one of those “Candy Strip Nurses” and a “Chatterbox” too!

Click here to see all of her revealing highlights!

Back down to earth, how about the “Cheerleader” genre?

The_Swinging_Cheerleaders sexploitation

“The Swinging Cheerleaders!”

Time to to return to the more innocent days of college, when cheerleaders were the epitome of class and decorum…like this Elizabethan drama that explored the complicated relationship between the English classes…NOT!

I love how they advertised this film…you see, it’s a real expose on how Cheerleaders really are!

This is the first and the best, an X-rated romp that set the stage for a decade of more wild adventures with the girls with the pom moms…

Of course, this one is known because it stars Kristine DeBell, who also starred in the X-rated “Alice In Wonderland”.

There’s always been debate over just how much she did on camera, and she has weighed in as well…with a XXX-rated version, click here to see just how far she went:

And of course, “Debbie Does Dallas” gave the genre a XXX-rated entry as well, starring Bambi Woods:

If you haven’t seen it, here’s a look at the story around the making of it, and the disappearance of Woods:

Finally, the Centerfold Model” was another successful category in the 70’s, and this was perhaps the biggest hit:

It’s actually a pretty gritty thriller, with lots of nudity and action as well – and it stars Tiffany Bolling:

She’s terrific in this film and “Bonnie’s Kids” as well…in fact, there’s only one film she regrets making, and you can see it here:

This category wasn’t as robust, possibly because you could see all the centerfolds you wanted at the time in magazines:

The adult industry took it on anyway with this very adult look at the business, and it starred Kandi Barbour:

She had a great career but a tragic personal life – read the whole story here:

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Let me know if you’ve enjoyed any of these genres!

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  1. Most adult stars of this era did not make a lot of money. Stripping probably paid more but your window in life to do either is narrow. Add to that the iniquity of drugs and ‘stars’ didn’t have 401ks nor probably Social Security. A short fall to the streets when your looks are no longer a source of imcome

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  2. I lived with a ‘real’ nurse for three years, in the 90s. She was a very sexual person, and she was almost 14 years younger than me. But she hated the ‘sexualisation’ of nurses as a ‘genre’ in films and porn films, and she joined a protest campaign against that.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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