Social Media Sensation Amberleigh West! Here Are Her Provocative Playboy Photos!

Meet Internet Sensation Amberleigh West!

While most of my “2021 Sex Kitten Countdown” highlights Cult Movie Queens, I also like to highlight some of the most popular stars of social media – that one of the hottest right now is Instagram Model Amberleigh West!

What I like about her career is the artistry around so much of her work – using the great outdoors of course, like this:

She has also done an incredible series of photo shoots with Playboy – and the ones that involve her showing off in iconic places is very well done:

Here’s a look at her life and career so far!

Amberleigh West was born on September 4, 1991 in Mount Vernon, Washington.

She has been featured in Playboy, appeared in a single film, and is very active and popular on social media…here are some highlights!

West had a small role in Burt Reynolds’ last film in 2017, a well done look at a movie star at the end of his career….but she is more well known for her Playboy appearances.

As I mentioned, she has a series of photos outdoors in public places that are provocative but very artistic as well:

She comes across as refreshing and engaging, with less of that “posing attitude” that can sometimes be alienating…clearly she is comfortable on camera and the camera loves her – and her friends as well:

Amberleigh West has been very successfu so farl, and she reminds me of a British Pinup Model who has also had a great career:

Lucy Pinder is an Icon, and was once voted “the world’s best breasts!” You can see all of her best work by clicking on my profile of her right here:

Kelly Brook is also a popular actress, Model and TV star – AND SHE’S BEEN IN SOME TERRIFIC FILMS AS WELL:

She’s quite a personality, you can click here to see her most revealing roles:

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