80’s Sex Kitten Bobbie Bresee! From “Evil Spawn” To “Masoleum” And “Surf Nazis” Too!

Celebrating the “Anything Goes” 80’s Career Of Bobbie Bresee!

One of the most enjoyable aspects of my “2021 Sex Kitten countdown” is re-discovering cult gems from the 80’s and 90’s – and the Cult Movie Queens who starred in them!

Actress Bobbie Bresee had great career on TV, but she was a Scream Queen in a handful of fun, low-budget 80’s horror films as well.

Bobbie was born in 1947 in San Diego, California. She was a music teacher and onetime “Playboy” Bunny prior to embarking on an acting career.

Bobbie got her start in TV, in shows such as “Wonder Woman”, “Charlie’s Angels” and “The Love Boat”, but it was her work in some great cult gems of the 80’s that we want to focus on!

Bresee gives an impressive performance as a sweet and lovely young lady who becomes possessed by an evil sexually voracious demon in the 1983 horror film “Mausoleum.”

In fact, Bobbie was nominated for a Saturn Award as Best Actress for the role!

Check out the trailer:

Bresee put it all out there in the role, and she has great energy as well.

She went on to play Smeg’s mom in the Troma film “Surf Nazis Must Die”!

She was also in the 1985 “Gremlins” knockoff “Ghoulies!”

Oh, and Bobbie knew how to make an entrance on a red carpet:

Around this time, she was asked about working in the horror genre:

“Someone asked me, “Would you like to spend the rest of your life in horror?” That would be wonderful, I would in a minute. That is where I got my break and there is an allegiance and I would stick with it. Vincent Price did not do badly with it. I feel I have a bit of a following in the genre and I don’t want to lose that. It is wonderful. I could get old and it would not matter; I could just get ugly and be a character.”

Bobbie’s best horror role was as the aging B-movie star who transforms into a murderous humanoid insect monster after taking an experimental youthful serum in the Director Fred Olen Ray’s “Evil Spawn.”

The film was produced by Cult filmmaker Fred Olen Ray and was written and directed by Kenneth J. Hall.

I bought the newly remastered special edition blu-ray , which includes a Collectible Trading Card, Special Commentary Track by Producer Fred Olen Ray, 3 “Behind the Scenes” Video Featurettes, John Carradine’s Out-Take Reel, The Original NITE OWL THEATER episode, Original Trailer and a complete BONUS 2nd Feature, THE ALIEN WITHIN (starring Richard Harrison and Gordon Mitchell). Mastered from a new Wide-Screen 2K scan of the original 16mm Camera negatives!

Fred Olen Ray did the same remastered special edition treatment for another one of his gems from that era – “Haunting Fear!”

80’s Scream Queen Brinke Stevens is terrific as a woman who thinks she’s going crazy – or is she?

You can see more about this terrific Actress by clicking on my story here:

I also shared a story about one of the other stars in that film as well:

Delia Sheppard was terrific int he film as a conniving Secretary – and what a fun career she had as well!

Click here to see more of her revealing highlights:

As for Bobbie, she made more films and appeared in several more TV shows as well – she had a recurring part on the popular daytime soap opera “Santa Barbara.”

Bobbie left the business for good in 1995, but she left behind some energetic, spirited performances in great cult gems!

And don’t forget this great 80’s Scream Queen!

She took a long bath with Brinke and Linnea Quigley – see more of her career here:

Another Cult Movie Queen also starred in a slew of great 80’s sci-fi films and wacky comedies:

Ruth Collins starred in films such as “Prime Evil” and yes, at time she looked a lot like Scarlett Johanssen!

You can see more of her revealing credits by clicking on my story here:

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  1. She’ll never an “Elvira of the Dark”, though.


  2. I haven’t seen the films, nor heard of Bobbie. But she has a classic VHS/1980s look indeed!
    Best wishes, Pete.

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