The “Malicious” Katell Laennec! Her ONLY Film Role Was A Euro-Sleaze Gem!

Meet Katell Laennec!

If you don’t know Katell, that’s understandable – she only made a single film – but it was a grindhouse classic!

My “2021 Sex Kitten Countdown” takes a look at a great Cult Movie Queen who starred in one of the most provocative and controversial sexploitation films of them all!

Katell Laennec was born in Paris in 1960, and her film credits list a single title – and what a title it was!

Laennec was “Malibimba – The Malicious Whore!”

This cult gem was shot in just twelve days in 1979, and has become a Eurosleaze masterpiece!

The film is also known as “The Malicious Whore”, but no matter what you call it, the film delivers!

Here’s the plot – even the synopsis is a wild ride:

“After the death of Andrea’s wife, her nearly bankrupt family decides to hold a seance in their decrepit castle and contact her spirit. Unfortunately, they contact instead the malicious and possibly demonic spirit of their evil, hedonistic and decadent late cousin Lucrezia who ends up possessing Andrea’s virginal teenage daughter Bimba! Bimba suddenly becomes overtly sexual and starts acting out in a completely unhinged, aggressive and sexually provocative manner in front of her family and their guests, all while brutally insulting them!”

See what I mean?


This is “euro-sleaze” at its 70’s finest!

Severin Films released the film several years ago in a version that includes the hardcore insert shots that the Director disavows…

While the picture is pure depravity, it also holds a spot in Italian film history.

One Italian Critic said that films such as “Malabimba – The Malicious Whore” were part of the wave of films at that time that were inspired by “The Exorcist” – with sexually active women in the films portrayed as being deadly and dangerous!

As I said, there are multiple version of the film, but Severin included an unrated version – some of these are out of print so the film remains a real collectible…

Jason Buchanan of “AllMovie” described the film as:

“a Euro-sleaze classic of the highest caliber”

High praise indeed!

While Laennec was never seen in a film again, several of her co-stars were in some classic Italian sexploitation films.

The film’s Director Andrea Bianchi made many great eurosleaze classics as well, like 1974’s “Cry Of A Prostitute”, and “Strip Nude For Your Killer” in 1975.

Edwige Fenech starred in “Strip Nude” – and she had a great cult film career as well – see it all here:

Katell Laennec isn’t the only “one and done” Actress I have featured here:

Remember Anne Sparrow? She ran into “The Sinful Dwarf” and was never seen again! See more pictures of this Eurosleaze classic and discover the mystery of Sparrow by clicking here:

I love classic cult films with posters like this one:

Yes, she was “Damaged Goods” – but in all the best ways! You can read more about her brief career in exploitation by clicking on my story here:

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Leave me a comment with your ideas for my “Sex Kitten Countdown”, and let me know if you’ve seen this classic slice of cinematic sleaze!

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  1. Someone else I have never heard of, John. Your tributes are becoming a ‘historical resource’! 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

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