All Hail The “Adult Icon” Serena! My “2021 Sex Kitten Countdown” Has Her “Sweet Cakes” And More!

“Well, I’m a pervert, I’ll tell you that up front.”

And with those words, time to meet one of the great personalities of porn!

Celebrating The Legendary Adult Film Star Serena!

My “2021 Sex Kitten Countdown” is diving once again into the “golden age of porn”, with a look at the wild career of Adult Film Legend Serena!

She was born Serena Robinson in 1951. She lived for a while in Hawaii when she was a little girl and took both dance and voice lessons as a kid.

She ran away from home while still a teenager and wound up in Los Angeles. She worked as a waitress prior to being discovered by an adult movie make-up artist. 

She embraced the business and became one of the hardest-working Adult Actresses in the “golden age of porn!”

And she was funny as well! As she said:

Well, I’m a pervert, I’ll tell you that up front. I’m very much a rebel. During the sixties, even though I was very young, I was very anti-establishment. And just to be in the porn field takes a certain amount of rebellion.”

Serena started out as a model and did nude pictorials for such men’s magazines as “Hustler,” “High Society,” “Oui” and “Gallery.” 

Here’s how she described that time in her life:

“I did a lot of magazine work — including not the greatest magazines. Including the little jerk-off magazines that came out of San Fernando Valley. Then I guess I graduated to making loops for bachelor parties and that turned into 16 mm extravaganzas.”

She starred alongside Jennifer Welles in “Sweet Cakes” in 1976 – Welles was also a legendary Adult performer:

She appeared in some of the most acclaimed adult films of that era, and you can see them all here:

“Inside” Jennifer Welles! This Legendary Adult Film Star Went From Softcore To XXX!

One of the grittiest films of that era took the “kidnapped woman” theme into the adult arena with a graphic savagery:

“The Abduction Of Lorelei”

This is a legendary “roughie” – the story of a young woman who is kidnapped and raped by a vicious gang. She ends up taking over and running everything!

Serena got involved with legendary Adult Film Star Jamie Gillis for two years in the late 1970s and they acted in several films together…they are notable for their extreme sexual content and S&M themes.

She made a 3-D film with Johnny Wadd and this film with Jennifer Welles as well:

Here are a few more of her films:

As you can see, she worked with some of the most popular Adult Actresses of all time like Seka!

Seka was an Icon, and you can see all of her most provocative roles by clicking here:

Serena knew exactly who she was, as she explained in this interview:

“I was a rebel. I was very active sexually all through my teens. I got married real early and had a baby real early. I wasn’t so much promiscuous as wanting to explore sex in every aspect. I was never taught in school or otherwise — never by my parents — and I didn’t understand what my classmates were saying, except that I was a slut and I didn’t care.”

“Dracula Sucks” in 1978 was another big adult hit…she was on a roll!

Serena starred in “The Ecstasy Girls” that same year, another highly regarded adult film.

As you can see Desiree Costeau starred as well:

Desiree was a stunningly beautiful Adult Movie Queen, who made a huge splash with the adult classic “Pretty Peaches” – you can see all of her best work here:

Among the other big films that Serena appeared in was this classic starring Marilyn Chambers:

“Insatiable” was one of the biggest hits of that era of adult film – and for a time, Chambers was the reigning Queen of adult films…see her whole story here:

By 1984 she was winding down her adult film work, but it was a lucrative career for her.

Serena ended up with more than 90 film credits!

After quitting the adult film business, Serena pursued an art career specializing in erotic paintings in the San Francisco Bay area.

Bravo to her for such a successful career!

Her career reminds me of this iconic Adult Star:

Ginger Lynn Allen had a wild ride in the adult film industry and came out of it OK – you can more of her story by clicking here:

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  1. Serena missed my radar completely, John. She certainly worked in the seedier side of the industry.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. She was always a favourite of mine, seemed to really get into the physical side. “Teenage Hitchikers” must’ve been one of her first roles, but memorable for sure!!


  3. “Blonde in Black Silk” too…



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