Meet The Spanish “Eroticus” Silvia Aguilar! My “2021 Sex Kitten Countdown” Has Her Most Provocative Films!

Meet Spanish Sex Kitten Sylvia Aguilar!

As part of my ongoing foray into cult film, I finally came across Paul Naschy – many of you have shared his classic Spanish horror films – but they were all new to me!

When I watched “Human Beasts”, I was captivated by one of the actresses in the film: Silvia Aguilar!

So, this “2021 Sex Kitten Countdown” is a learning experience for me – the films of this popular Spanish Actress!

This stunningly beautiful Actress didn’t appear in any US films, but she had quite a run of cult movies – in fact, she made more than 30 films, and here are some of her most provocative!

Alice In Spanish Wonderland

In this 1978 film, Alicia falls asleep on a summer afternoon on the bank of a river. When she thinks she awakens, she meets an erotic black bunny in the shape of a woman who catches her attention!

The same year she was in “Red Rings Of Fear” and “At The Service Of Spanish Womanhood”

“Trampa Sexual” was released in 1978 as well

She was a regular with Naschy, starring with him in “Naked Madrid” in 1979.

This is how I discovered Silvia: “Human Beasts” in 1980 with Paul Naschy was one of the films in the collector pack I bought.

Check out the trailer:

Naschy plays an assassin/thief who betrays his pregnant girlfriend and murders her brother. He is a “human beast.”

I am also watching Naschy’s horror films, so this crime thriller was a change of pace.

In 1981, Silvia appeared in the film “Professor Eroticus” as well as the film “Belles, Blondes et Bronzees!”

It sounds like a straightforward Spanish sex comedy! Mistaken for bank robbers, two friends stumble into a group of beautiful girls and follow them to Morocco for a dance show.

“Night Of The Werewolf”

This 1981 cult horror film also starred Naschy – and what a fun film this is!

Check out the trailer:

Finally, she appeared in “The Devil Incarnate” as well with Naschy!

She did a full shower scene in this 978 film “Red Rings Of Fear” but isn’t listed on the poster…

In 1983 she began working extensively in Spanish television, where she continued to work for the next decade.

Bravo to Silvia for a great career in Spanish film, and I look forward to seeing more of her work as I continue through my Naschy collection.

Speaking Of Spanish Sex Kittens:

Dyanik Zurakowska starred in a great Spanish horror film called “Vampires Night Orgy!

Click here to see more:

Another European Actress also starred in many films not seen in the US:

Gloria Guida had a wildly provocative career in Italian films, and you can see them all here:

There were a number of great European Actresses who weren’t seen as much in the US as they deserved – Barbara Bouchet is another example:

She also appeared in a Fernando di Leo film, the terrific “Caliber 9”, where she did an amazing table dance!

You can see that, and all of her work, by clicking on my story here:

Many great Italian films never made it to the US – although the “Giallo” genre managed to make it overseas…like this classic:

The Italian Giallo genre is filled with terrific films, here are some of the best:

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  1. All new to me, John. I have watched a lot of Spanish films, but never even heard of those mentioned.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. Cult Actress Dyanik Zurakowska Has A “Vampires Night Orgy!” Check Out Some Spanish Horror! – JR-Sploitation!

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