Page 3 Icon Maria Whittaker! This Model Was “Pin-Up Girl Of The Year!”

Celebrating Maria Whittaker!

My latest “2021 Sex Kitten Countdown” has the story of a Model who achieved fame in that field before spinning off into other entertainment genres!

Maria Whittaker was more in Middlesex England in 1969. She achieved fame early, when she appeared on the cover of the video “Barbarians’ in the mid-80’s…

From there, the infamous “Page 3” photos in The Sun newspaper were next:

Whittaker soon became one of England’s most popular pinup Models – here is a selection of her popular offerings:

She appeared in the film “Whoops Apocalypse” in 1986 in a short but playful scene, dong what she does best:

Her other film appearance was in “Tank Malling” in 1989, the same year that she was named Page 3’s “Pin-Up Of The Year.”

Whittaker was also the Singer in the group The Rhythm Section as well. She left the business but in 2020 she took part in a “Page 3” documentary…

Bravo to Maria for a very revealing and successful career – I want to find that documentary as the “Page 3” story is a fascinating one – I wonder if it includes this other “Page 3” pinup Queen:

Corinne Russell was hugely popular – before she disappeared!

Click here to see much more of her story:

Kelly Brook parlayed a Pin-Up career into an acting one as well…see her highlights here:

And speaking of successful pin-up Models:

Lucy Pinder has built a great career from it, and you can see more of her revealing highlights by clicking on my story here:

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  1. She was a household name here at one time, John, and seemed to be a really nice ‘ordinary’ girl too. She also made the best of her career opportunities, undoubtedly.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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