Celebrating The Empowered Christy Canyon! This Adult Movie Icon Is Still Going Strong!

Celebrating The Happy Life Of Adult Superstar Christy Canyon!

For those who follow my “Sex Kitten Countdown” I have had some downbeat “True Hollywood Stories” – because some of the greatest Adult Stars have sadly had tragic ends. I wanted to counter those with a new update on the life and career of the successful, upbeat, and very happy Adult Superstar Christy Canyon!

I profiled Christy last year, but this “2021 Sex Kitten Countdown” has an updated look at her terrific career!

Christy is one of the legends of the adult film industry – she appeared in more than 130 films and videos – landing her in both the AVN Hall of Fame and the XRCO Hall of Fame – two of the greatest awards an Adult performer can be given.

The best part? Christy talks about her career in an upbeat, articulate way, and comes across as refreshingly candid, honest, and completely happy with her chosen career path!

Christy’s Iconic Career!

She has been called one of the top 20 Adult Film Actresses of all time. Christy entered the industry in the golden age of pornography – 1984, when the rapid expansion of home video stores around the world made the adult film industry explode – creating a number of superstars like Christy!

Christy was born in California in 1966, and wrote in her autobiography that Adult Actor Greg Rome approached her while she was waiting for a ride in Hollywood, and told her that she would be a terrific “figure model.” He gave her the business card of adult magazine and film recruiter/agent Jim South, of World Modeling Agency.

Soon after, Canyon began posing for men’s magazines and then began her Adult Film career, working with some of the biggest names in the business.

She debuted at the same time as Traci Lords and Ginger Lynn, and they became the three top female porn stars of the time. Not bad for a “figure model!”

A “Figure Model” Indeed!

Yes, it was called “figure modeling”, the legal description of nude modeling. Jim South was one of the greatest Agents in that business, and his recent death is a sad loss indeed.

The phrase “figure model” is something that is explained very well by The Rialto Report’s Ashley West in the powerful podcast “Once Upon A Time In The Valley”:

This is the compelling story of Traci Lords and her work in the adult film industry when she was underage…it includes a great look at what “figure modeling” was – and has a candid and insightful interview with South as well! It’s terrific and you should listen to it!

You can see more about it, and I have a link to the podcast if you click on my story here:

Christy takes part in this fascinating podcast, and her honesty and openness is refreshing…after the “Traci Lords” underage scandal broke, Christy stated that she never suspected that Traci was not of legal age, as she seemed so experienced in their scenes together.

Christy’s rise to stardom came from working with some of the biggest stars of that era, including Ginger Lynn.

Of course, Ginger Lynn is also an empowered Icon from that era, and I profiled her terrific career as well – as well as her candid opinion of Traci Lords!

You can see that story here:

Christy starred in dozen of films and videos from 1984 through 1986, when she retired from the business to go to work with her father, but her films continued to be released during her “retirement”.

She returned to the business in 1989, working with Video Exclusives on her label Canyon Video, before joining the giant adult film company Vivid as one of their contract girls.

Her last adult film was released in 1997, “Where the Boys Aren’t 9”. Since then, her work has been released under multiple titles and in a number of compilation videos.

What made this story so much fun to write is that, in every article or interview, she comes across as fun and refreshing about herself and her career…for example, she is candid about the kind of guy who appeals to her:

“I’m not into bodybuilders. I want a little softness in a guy. I wanna be able to squeeze on some love handles.”

Bless her!

“Lights. Camera. Sex!”

Christy’s autobiography was released in 2003 and was a big hit, and you can still get it at Amazon and other sites.

Christy has also had success as a television and radio personality, hosting Playboy Radio’s “Night Calls” on Sirius.

I also read that, because she loves the business, she gives back to the industry by offering advice and counsel to aspiring new stars.

Unlike Traci Lords and some other big stars who reject their adult film pasts, Christy is proud of her body of work, and maintains an active presence in the industry.

The terrific website “The Rialto Report” had a great story on Christy, with lots of great stories and information – you should check it out here!

I’m so happy that Christy has had a successful post-prom career…another iconic Adult Star also managed to retire from the business in a positive way:

Marilyn Chambers went from “Ivory Snow” girl to “Behind The Green Door”, and even appeared in a few mainstream films as well!

Read all about her great career by clicking on my story here:

Unfortunately, many adult stars have not been so lucky:

Shauna Grant was also a hugely popular Adult Actress, but she had a shocking, tragic end…you can read more of her compelling story by clicking on my link here:

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  1. Well done to Christy for being proud of her career, and continuing into the modern era.
    Best wishes, Pete.



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