Penthouse Susanne Saxon! Her Notorious “Caligula” Scenes And Mysterious Death!

Celebrating Penthouse Pet And Actress Susanne Saxon!

Many of the Cult Movie Queens that I cover in my “2021 Sex Kitten Countdown” are unknown to me – so how do I find them? You of course!

Thanks to Jim for this latest suggestion: I was unaware of Penthouse Pet turned Actress Susanne Saxon, but I’m glad he asked for a look at her career!

Susanne Saxon was born on December 27, 1956 in Joliet, Illinois. After growing up there, Susanne moved to Texas and worked as a cocktail waitress in Houston. 

Saxon eventually moved to Los Angeles, California with her musician boyfriend in the mid 70s.

When Susanne was nineteen, she landed the cover of the October 1976 issue of Penthouse and was chosen as Penthouse Pet of the Month!

Saxon also did provocative photo shoots for some of the other men’s magazines of that era: Hustler, Oui, and Viva.

As Jim told me in the note requesting I cover her career:

She’s one of my all-time favorite unsung nude models from the 1970’s.”

I think he may be right about that!

By the way, that’s Susanne on the cover of the 1978 album “Warmer Communications” by the Average White Band.

Susanne popped up in episodes of the TV shows “Red Foxx” and “Soap”, and continued to appear in magazines as well…

Next up for Saxon was a pretty lame sex comedy – and one of the cinema’s most notorious films ever!

Saxon had a small role in the comedy “Racquet” before appearing in the much-maligned “Caligula.”

Yes, the Publisher of Penthouse, Bob Guccione gathered an all-star cast – and put them in an X-rated film!

Malcolm McDowell and Helen Mirren starred, and the film is notorious for Guccione’s decision to add lesbian sex scenes to the film after the all-star cast departed!

Susanne was one of the Pets featured in the added scenes…as for the “A” list cast, they actually took part in a remastered, expanded version of the film, adding candid audio commentary to the Blu-Ray!

You can see more about this wild wild film by clicking on my story here:

Susanne lived for six months in Japan following the shooting of “Caligula” in January, 1977. No reason was given, but she never really returned to entertainment after that…

She quit nude modeling in the late 70s and moved back to Illinois in 1984. According to her IMDB bio, Susanne next moved to Arkansas in the 90s. She was married two times.

Then, a shocking end. Although there are no details online with details, Susanne Saxon died at the very young age of 49 in September, 2006 at her home in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Those are the only details I could find…such a sad end to her life.

Susanne isn’t the only Penthouse Pet who met a mysterious end:

Avril Lund was a stunningly beautiful Penthouse Pet who simply disappeared…you can read the mystery of her life here:

Here’s the story of one very famous Penthouse Pet:

Joanne Latham was featured on the 10th anniversary cover of Penthouse – and you can see all of those iconic photos here:

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Thanks again to Jim for the great suggestion!

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  1. Another tragic end for a glamorous model and actress. It seems too much of a coincidence that so many died so young. I have the special edition DVD of Caligula uncut. It is glorious nonsense that I for one can’t get enough of! 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

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