Check Out The Latest Grindhouse Purgatory Magazine! Uschi Digard! Death Wish! My Joe Spinell Profile! Here’s How To Support Grindhouse Cinema!

“Sleaze For The Summer” Is Here!

For lovers of grind house cinema, the latest issue of Grindhouse Purgatory magazine is a must own!

It all begins with this gorgeous cover, an homage to “The New York Ripper”…inside, “42nd St. Pete” has stuffed the issue with terrific articles like these:

The legacy of “Death Wish” – one of cult cinema’s most powerful and important films…and how about a look at the cult Director Fred Olen Ray’s great action classic:

One of my favorite articles is about a little known film that I own!

I love this article!

Don’t know the film? You should!

I posted about this film for one reason: an appearance by Uschi Digard – who as usual shows off for all to see!

Here’s more about this classic Cult Movie Queen:

This is why Grindhouse Purgatory is such a great magazine – articles like this give you insight about some of the era’s most notorious films!

Now, back to Joe Spinell:

I was fortunate enough to have my profile of the late, great character Actor included in this issue…folks, his life is fascinating!

From his first film – “The Godfather!” – to his legendary grind house classic “Maniac” – I take you through his life and career:

Of course, my story includes his short marriage to Adult Film Actress Jean Jnnings as well – did you know that?

They had a daughter together before breaking up…her story is fascinating as well. You can see more of her provocative career here:

I was very excited to share my story about Joe’s career and life…and I included the films he made with Caroline Munro:

She is a great Cult Movie Queen, and you can see all of her best work – including with Spinell – by clicking on my story here:

This latest summer issue is packed with great, insightful stories about the grindhous era!

Happy Cloud Media releases the “Grindhouse Purgatory” series, as well as other great books about cult cinema…and you can reach out to 42nd St. Pete directly to order a copy as well!

Here’s his email:

Even better, go to his Facebook page and DM him!

It’s easy to find: just search for Grindhouse Purgatory Magazine – it’s a group you can join and stay up with all of the latest in grindhouse cinema!

I truly appreciate he opportunity to contribute to Grindhouse Purgatory magazine – a love letter to the great era in film history:

The previous issue was packed with great stories about Mary Millington, Marilyn Chambers and so much more!

See an inside look at that issue by clicking on my story here:

If you like these stories, go to my website’s front page and sign on to follow me – there are NO ads at all, just lots of stories to come about the wild world of exploitation and cult films!

Click here and see the “follow” button on the upper right!

And most important – reach out directly to Pete Chiarella and buy Grindhouse Purgatory Magazine so we will always have a place to obsess over cult cinema!

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  1. Uschi is truly unforgettable! Good call, John.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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