Meet The Adult “Farrah Fawcett!” Rhonda Jo Petty Was An X-Rated “California Girl”!

Celebrating the “Farrah Fawcett Look-A-Like” Rhonda Jo Petty!

As I get suggestions for Cult Movie Queens to profile, I am introduced to some interesting actresses who have a certain “claim to fame”: in this case, it was a striking resemblance to one of the biggest stars of the 70’s!

Rhonda Jo Petty had a long and successful career in adult film – helped in part by the continued reference to how she looked so much like the hottest star at that time, Farrah Fawcett!

Rhonda was born in 1955 in Chatsworth, a suburb of Los Angeles California…

Rhonda grew up as a tomboy – riding horses and motorcycles – but it was that resemblance to Farrah that helped catapult her into the limelight…helped by savvy Producers who came right out and said it on their posters!

See what they put on that poster? It was the blonde hair and the “California” attitude that made it so spot on! It was a tag that Producers used for her entire career!

Rhonda got her start in adult films with “Lusty Ladies” in 1975, and over the next 15 years had exactly 69 credits….insert your own punch line here!

While she had been in the business for a few years, she was “introduced” in the 1978 classic “Little Orphan Dusty” with John C. Holmes – using the Farrah Fawcett hook for the first time…it wouldn’t be the last.

She appeared in the very popular film “Baby Cakes” in 1983…and as was the case at this time, she appeared in films with some of the most legendary names from the “golden age of porn”:

In “Country Comfort” she received equal billing with Georgina Spelvin, best known for her mesmerizing performance in “The Devil In Miss Jones”:

Spelvin had an incredible career, and you can see all of the highlights by clicking on my story here:

Here are some of her more famous performances, and note that a few of the posters slyly refer to her this way:

“The ? ? Look Alike!”

Yes, her “Farrah Fawcett” look certainly was a major selling point for her career:

According to her online bio, Rhonda was a Mormon, and was excommunicated from the church when they found out she was making porn films.

But, she seemed to exude a completely refreshing point of view on sex:

“I’ve never had any problems with sex. I think the reason some people have hang-ups is because of the society we live in. I think the U.S. is the most sexually hung up country in the world. Pornography is so big here because of the problems of our culture.”

Petty also appeared with 80’s Icon Shauna Grant, who sadly died very young – you can see her story here:

Petty had a great career before wrapping her adult film career in 1990. According to online reports, in later years she became somewhat of a cult figure with biker crowds!

Rhonda was inducted into the AVN Hall Of Fame – a fitting prize for such a terrific adult career…

Her story reminds me of another Icon of that era:

Seka also had “movie star” looks, and was one of the biggest Actresses ever in adult film…see her whole story here:

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  1. Favorite Adult actress is “Leslie Bovee”.
    She had the school teacher/librarian look about her,and she was active during the “Golden 70’s Age”.

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