Meet Cult Movie Queen Toni Alessandrini! Her Entire Body Was An “Erogenous Zone!”

“My whole body is an erogenous zone.”

Well, how can you argue with that!

My “2021 Sex Kitten Countdown” has the story of Toni Alessandrini, who not only said those words, she lived her life that way!

Toni is only 5’1″ tall, but this stripper and exotic burlesque dancer packed a lot of life into that frame!

Toni Maria Alessandrini was born on June 2, 1950, in Chicago, IL.

She took jazz, ballet and modern dance lessons prior to moving to Hollywood at age 19. She worked as a go-go dancer and soon began participating in numerous burlesque contests and beauty pageants.

Toni was inspired to become a stripper after the 1962 film “Gypsy” about legendary Stripper Gypsy Rose Lee!

She won the title of Miss Bare-Bottom in Tucson Arizona in 1971, when she was 21; she subsequently won the titles “Miss World Burlesque” in 1980 and “Miss Exotic World” in 1991 – at the age of 41!

Toni worked across many genres of adult film, under her own name as well as others…

Among her first films were “Las Vegas Erotica” in 1983 – using the name Toni Renee – and “The Best Little Cathouse In Las Vegas” with her name spelled Toni Reenee!

Alessandrini achieved her greatest enduring cinematic popularity as luscious stripper Desiree in the uproariously raucous, raunchy 1984 comedy “Bachelor Party” starring Tom Hanks!

Of course, Angela Aames also had a hilarious role in the film as well…remember?

James had a great career when tragedy struck – you can see her most provocative roles and personal story by clicking here:

Toni was featured in “Vice Academy Part 2” in 1990 – this series starred one of the few “Adult” Actresses who was able to crossover to mainstream film work:

Ginger Lynn Allen worked with some of the biggest names in XXX-rated films, and you can see them all here:

Toni was featured in “Vice Academy Part 3” in 1991 as well.

More recently, she has appeared in such hardcore “adult” productions as “Angels in Motion,” “Bottoms Up,” “Fetish,” “Oral Vixens,” and “La Grande Derriere.”

As she once said:

“I’ve always had a European attitude. Sex is fun. You should have a good time with it. Don’t take it so seriously.”

I like that!

She appeared in all kinds of films in roles large and small:

Bravo to Toni for a wildly creative career – she reminds me of another legendary Cult performer:

Kitten Natividad had a similar career and you can see all of her highlights by clicking on my story here:

And of course, Uschi Digard also had a career that went off in all sorts of wild directions:

She was up for almost anything, and you can see her wildest roles by clicking on my story here:

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  1. Another new one to me, John. You gave her a good tribute, and it is always nice to get another look at Uschi too. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

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