Tracey Adams “Talks Dirty”! My “2021 Sex Kitten Countdown” Has Her Adult “Pleasure Princple!”

“Talking Dirty” With Tracey Adams!

As part of my “2021 Sex Kitten Countdown”, I’ve been looking at the golden age of adult cinema, and how that transitioned in the 80’s into a VHS-driven home video star-making machine…and that’s Tracey Adams in a nutshell!

Tracey was born Debra Blaisdell in 1958 in Severna Park, Maryland.

Adams moved to the west coast in the early 80s to pursue a career in entertainment. At one point, she worked as a commercial diver in San Diego!

She also attended broadcasting school, and was the midnight Disc Jockey at the University of California-San Diego.

As I said, this was a new “golden age” in pornography, as the advent of VHS made adult films available for anyone to watch at home. In 1985, Tracey got started nude modeling before entering the adult film business.

Adams wasted little time before getting into the lucrative XXX-rated home video market. That started a run of hundreds of films like these:

“A Whole New Kind Of Sexuality!”

Check out the VHS box art above…this was a new golden era for adult films – which were now almost exclusively being shot on video!

“2002: A Sex Odyssey”

This 1986 parody of “2001” was one of a number of parodies that Tracey appeared in, like this one:

“Lust On The Orient Express”

You get the idea: knock off a well known movie, add a bunch of sex and you’ve got a hit!

Here are two more of her projects that same year:

“Revenge Of The Babes” AND “Revenge Of The Babes 2”!

Adams racked up 34 credits in 1986 alone! In the world of VHS, compilations and “greatest hit” tapes were everywhere!

This sort of hardcore take-off also included “Porn On The 4th Of July” in 1990.

In all, Tracey had more than 260 credits!

By 1991, Adams began appearing less in American porn and usually was cast in mature roles.

Adams also worked in European porn, becoming a celebrity there and appeared on billboards and guest starred on Italian soap operas!

According to a 1991 article in the Los Angeles Times, Tracey was much more than met the eye – here’s what they reported:

“Although she is free-thinking, Adams is anything but the free-spirited sexual athlete her fans like to imagine. She worries about crime and overpopulation and drinks two vodkas medicinally each night to help her sleep. She sponsors two poverty-stricken children in foreign countries. Her rented bungalow in West Los Angeles might be the home of any anxious, PBS-watching, middle-level executive except for the catalog of her sex tapes hidden behind a wood plank on an upper shelf in a back room.”

Tracey left quite an impression in the adult film business, and is an AVN Hall of Fame founding inductee in1995.

Since leaving the adult industry, Tracey completed UCLA’s Film & TV Program, and also trained in improvisational comedy at The Groundlings School of Improvisation and The Improv. Bravo Tracey!

It was rare for an “Adult” Actress to move into mainstream films, but a few managed to do so.

The Iconic Adult Actress Marilyn Chambers achieved stardom in the early 70’s for the film “Behind The Green Door”, but she also starred later for Director David Cronenberg in “Rabid” – you can click here to see more of her legendary career:

Traci Lords crossed over into a few mainstream film projects, but it was her scandalous start in the adult industry that makes her story so fascinating:

While this photo is of her as an adult, she got her start well before she turned 18, and almost brought down the entire adult film industry…click here to read more about her shocking story:

Rene Bond starred in cult films and XXX-rated fare as well, and her death was a tragic loss…you can see more of her work by clicking on my story here:

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  1. I bet “Revenge Of The Babes 2” is better than “Revenge Of The Nerds II: Nerds In Paradise”.

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  2. I hadn’t heard of her, but she was certainly a ‘big hair’ 1980s girl, with a body to match! 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  1. The Empowered Jessie Andrews! From Adult Film Star To Entrepreneur! – JR-Sploitation!

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