Celebrating 80’s “Page 3” Pin-Up Model Gail McKenna! As She Said: “You’ve Either Got It Or You Don’t!”

“You’ve Either Got It Or You Don’t!”

Well, if that’s not a quote worth following up on, what is?

And that followup led me to Gail McKenna!

Celebrating A British “Pin-Up” Goddess!

I come across all sorts of social media posts, including this photo of Gail McKenna…I didn’t know her, but am glad I do now!

My “2021 Sex Kitten Countdown” has her story!

Gail was born in 1968 in Liverpool England. She got her doing modeling in the British tabloids for ‘The Star’, ‘The Sun’ and ‘The Mirror’ newspapers – she was what was known as a “Page 3” girl, starting in 1986 at the age of 17. 

Now that’s a smart way to get you to read a calendar!

She became one of the most popular “pin-up” models of that era:

Her career was a mix of TV shows, magazine modeling and personal appearnaces.

She was the winner of the “Reggae Bikini Contest” in ‘The Bikini Open 3’ (Pay Per View), which was held at Hedonism II in Jamaica in the early 1990s.

She also seems to have done some more provocative e modeling work as well:

According to this newspaper article, she apparently liked to play the piano as well!

But she was best known for her revealing photo shoots:

She had a few acting credits, including the edgy British TV soap opera “Brookside” in 1991.

She was also a presenter on a wide range of TV shows, including “Live & Dangerous” in 1999, and “Brilliant Creatures” for several years as well.

As you can see, McKenna grew out of her pin-up days and has had a long career on British television!

Bravo to her for a great career!

Gail’s career reminds me of another sex kitten who got her start doing more provocative work:

Kelly Brook was also a hugely popular pin-up Model in England before getting into film and TV as well…see her story here:

And what about this “Page 3” Icon!

Maria Whittaker also had an illustorus career in the tabloids, and you can see her greatest hits by clicking here:

And speaking of successful pin-up Models:

Lucy Pinder has built a great career from it, and you can see more of her revealing highlights by clicking on my story here:

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5 replies

  1. She’s exactly a year older than me. And is almost certainly in better shape than me.


  2. Gail was indeed well-known here, though she is unlikely to have played the piano. The tabloids used to claim all sorts of nonsense so they could add puns to the captions. Her ‘schoolgirl’ face (she was only 17 when she started) was the key to her success at first, though I was surprised that she made the transition to actress and TV presenter without her nude modelling past affecting her career. Well done to her, though she has not been around on mainstream TV here for at least 15 years now.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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