The Candid “Reign” Of Caitlin Stasey! This Provocative Actress Has An Empowered Career!

I’m really just looking forward to the day when a woman’s orgasm isn’t scary.

With that quote, Australian actress Caitlin Stasey tells her empowered story!

Celebrating The Career Of Caitlin Stasey!

This refreshingly honest Actress has had a terrific career, and my “2021 Sex Kitten Countdown” has her highlights!

Caitlin was born in Melbourne Australia in 1990.

Caitlin was featured as part of the Australian Girls Choir in a Qantas commercial, singing “I Still Call Australia Home” and traveled the world as a member of the choir to film the commercial in 2000 before the Sydney Olympics. This commercial was named the “Greatest Australian Commercial” ever!

As Caitlin launched her film and TV career, she also began a very candid journey on social media about herself and her sexuality as well.

Her big break came through TV, with roles in “The Sleepover Club” and “Neighbours.”

Her starring role in the 2010 film “Tomorrow, When The War Began” won her an “Inside Film” award that year as Best Actress – it’s one of the most prestigious film awards in Australia.

She moved to Los Angeles in 2010. Then, she began sharing candid photos of herself in a variety of locales:

Her provocative photos caused quite a stir – and kept her in the headlines.

In 2013 she appeared in “All Cheerleaders Die” – and was working consistently in films that let her express all aspects of her personality – and also exude a certain sexuality that matched what she was doing in real life.

As she is quoted as saying:

“I’m really just looking forward to the day when a woman’s orgasm isn’t scary.”

She was refreshingly candid in her attitude toward life – and toward the power that women have over their bodies.

It was her next big project that led to headlines – this time for what she says happened to her.

Stasey stripped down to her underwear to promote healthy body image, while revealing that she was recently sexually harassed by an agent who got her number and began continuously texting her without her permission. 

She was 25 years old when she played Lady Kenna in the CW’s historical drama “Reign”, and she candidly shared her experience with sexism in Hollywood at that time.

“I hope women that watch it can at least take with a grain of salt the level of importance that is placed on our virginities and on our male counterparts. I would hate for any young girl to watch and be like, ‘This is the standard by which I will set my life’. I think they’ve done an incredible job of creating female characters who are really empowered by the times rather than restricted by them. Or, at least, empowered enough within the restrictions that they find themselves in.”

In 2014, she appeared in two films: “I, Frankenstein” and “Lust For Love”. Also, she made an important announcement, coming out as gay, which was controversial because she had a male partner at the time….to that she said:

“I know it troubles many people for me to refer to myself as a lesbian considering I have a male partner. …I’m trying to steer as far from labeling as possible. Compartmentalizing myself only leads to condemnation and contradiction. I’m happier being fluid and I’m happier being honest.”

She also launched a website designed to empower all women to be themselves…

This self-portrait is on the site, as well as a candid interview.

Here is the link:

She is very aware that her comments and perspective have been polarizing. As she said:

“I’ve undoubtedly offended people, but in the end I’ve learned, the people that will understand are the people I want to connect to, anyway. And if I can change anyone’s opinions, that’d be fantastic. But there are some people that are so set that it doesn’t matter. And if my sexuality offends and repels or intimidates anybody, then we would never, ever connect, professionally or personally.”

Bravo to Caitlin for mixing a great acting career with a refreshingly honest portrait of herself…she reminds me of this rising star:

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  1. Someone else I had never heard of, and she certainly seems to have made a statement with her acting and her thoughts on life. (Lindsey Dawn Mackenzie was very well-known here of course.)
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. Of course she was on “Neighbours”…Australian series have a long history of producing stunners.

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