See Kathy Williams In “Throbbing Color!” This Wild Exploitation Actress Was A “Muther” And A “Ramrodder” Too!

Celebrating A Mysterious Cult Movie Queen!

One of the most fascinating aspects of my “2021 Sex Kitten Countdown” is discovering an Actress who appeared in cult movie gems – but not being able to find out anything about her!

That’s Kathy on the left, from a film called “Office Love-In” – a classic sexploitation title for the 60’s right? It’s also one of the very few pictures of her I could find where she has clothes on – keep reading to find out why!

Williams made 18 films in her career – some uncredited, others using a variety of screen names like these:  Corinne Constance | Lynn Oleom | Sue Rainer | Cathy Williams |Kathleen Williams.

These are the only pics of her online – except for those that showcase her provocative roles.

So who exactly is Kathy Williams? My “2021 Sex Kitten Countdown” tried to find out!

I came across these “pin up” photos, credited to Photographer Ron Vogel, which list Williams as the Model…but there is virtually nothing else online about her!

In the only online bio I could find, she is listed as an Actress. Her career got started in 1968, with roles in NINE films! Some were uncredited, some were under different names, but all of these were early sexploitation films with titles like these:

“The Lustful Turk”

As the poster says, it’s just filled with “intoxicating sights and sounds” – of as many partially clad women as they could find!

“The Head Mistress”

These are some of the earlier sexploitaiton films with lurid titles and not too much nudity, because it was illegal in many states!

“Nude Django”

What a tittle! Oh, it was also released as “Brand Of Shame!”

“Invitation To Ruin”

These are classic sexploitation films: designed for “liberal” audiences in grind house theaters or drive-ins!

Check out the trailer!

“Acapulco Uncensored”

Check out how the poster suggests that Eastman Kodak tried to censor the film!

As you can see, Williams appeared in a string of quickie sex films – just staying on this side of the law…

Office Love-In”

A secretary at a computer dating service unknowingly dates her own boss, his wife, and his two sons.

The Muthers!”

Yes, this 1968 film was presented in “THROBBING” COLOR!

The film starred Marsha Jordan, who was known as the “Queen Of Softcore Cinema!”

Click here to see why!

In 1969, Williams appeared in one of the most notorious “Nazisploitation” film of them all:

What a shocker!

Two female Army agents go undercover at a Nazi prison camp to get information from a scientist being held there. And of course, they get very, very naked!

This film is one of the toughest of the genre, released at a time when the censorship laws were being relaxed!

Also that year was another shocking film:

“The Babysitter!”

That’s right, this was a time when the “babysitter” was being sexualized in drive-in movies!

Patricia Wymer also starred and I profiled her as well…click here to see her story with all of the photos from this wild film:

The Ramrodder!”

In this 1969 sexploitation gem, a Cowboy marries an Indian princess and is accepted by the tribe until he is framed for a rape/murder.

This was filmed at Spahn’s Movie Ranch near Chatsworth, CA, in late 1968. And what a story this ranch has!

Shortly before filming took place, a group calling themselves “The Family”, led by Charles Manson and two of their members, Catherine Share and Bobby Beausoleil moved onto the ranch – Share and Beausoleil were later convicted of murdering a music teacher who sold mescaline to them – they all appear in the movie!

Here’s a film that I’m not ashamed to say I own!

Street Of A Thousand Pleasures!”

This is a pure sexploitation effort: it’s a VoiceOver of a guy talking about all of the naked women he sees on a tour of a crowded street where women gather to dance naked!

So what ever happened to Kathy Williams? Who knows!

There is absolutely NOTHING online about her life or career after these films…if anyone knows please pass it along!

I am happy to see that Something Weird Video has a number of her films for sale, a great company that is helping keep cult cinema alive!

Another Actress with a mysterious story is Donna Desmond:

She made a number of grind house classics then disappeared….here’s her story:

Some Cult Movie Queens leave the business before making much of an impact, but some just move to the other side of the camera!

Here’s the story of a Playmate who was hugely successful in Playboy, ended up acting in a few films – then became an acclaimed stunt woman!

Karen Price has a fascinating story and you can read all about it by clicking on my story here:

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  1. I have never heard of those films, nor of Kathy. But you just have to love ‘Throbbing Colour’! 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. I’m sure i have seen this lady in some of those films (especially movies she made with Marsha Jordan) from a time when exploitation movies were at their best! Kathy is very sexy and delightful.

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