Sex Kitten Ingrid Steeger Was “Ready, Willing & Able!” This Actress Was A “Young Seducer” Too!!

Celebrating The Iconic German Sex Kitten Ingrid Steeger!

When I find a classic cult film from the 70’s, I’m often fascinated by the Actresses who appear in them – in many cases, women I’ve never heard of, but who had terrific careers!

My “2021 Sex Kitten Countdown” has the career of Ingrid Steeger, who was born Ingrid Anita Stengert in Berlin, Germany right after the Second World War, and ended up becoming one of the most popular sex kittens of the 70’s!

After graduating from school Ingrid began modeling, and soon pinup photos of her appeared in numerous men’s magazines, especially “SEXY”, where even today she is the girl with the most cover shots!

She changed her name to Ingrid Steeger and her career took off as fast as her clothes did!

One of her earliest sexploitation films was “The Swinging Pussycats” in 1969. It was the beginning of a much looser era in film – and she took full advantage of it!

This was a time when filmmakers were cautiously showing more skin, especially in Europe.

She was, as they say, a “natural!”

1971 was a busy time for Ingrid, with appearances in “Stewardess Report” and “Ready, Willing And Able!”

She was also in “The Young Seducers” that same year. Steeger was also an in-demand model fro men’s magazines.

As you can see, Ingrid was getting a lot of attention in sexploitaiton films around the world.

.She made both “Virgin Wives” and “Swinging Models” in 1972

That same year saw “The Swinging Co-Eds” and “Wedding Night Report!”

She had an uncredited role in “Schoolgirl Report 4: What Drives Parents To Despair” – this was also released in the US AS “CAMPUS PUSSYCATS!

I’ve profiled a number of Actresses who bared all for these wild “Schoolgirl” films:

Ulrike Butz appeared in several – she was a stunning German Actress who had a tortured personal life…see her story here:

As for Steeger, she appeared in sexploitation films for the next few years – movies with titles like these:

Swap Meat At The Love Shack”

A nice touch with the spelling of “meat”…

“Love In 3D”

I don’t remember this one, but can only imagine how they incorporated 3D into this!

The internet is filled with very candid photos of the Actress:

Here are some other films she appeared in!

She really was stunning…and she was hugely successful in European men’s magazines for obvious reasons…here are more of her films:

By the mid-70’s she transitioned out of the sexploitation industry and focused on TV work.

Ultimately, she had almost 100 screen credits!

I’ve profiled a number of Actresses who starred in a lot of “Euro-sleaze” gems:

Marisa Feldy was one of those – she had a wild career that ended in mystery – see it here:

Of course, the “Queen Of Artsploitation” also appeared in a “Schoolgirl Report:

Simply the greatest, and you can see all of her films by clicking on my story here:

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6 replies

  1. Is she still alive?

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  2. Yet another starlet I had never heard of, nor the films she starred in.
    Well done for managing to keep finding them, John.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  3. Look for the German TV series ‘KLIMBIM’ – plenty of videos on Youtube – to see her perform in each episode



  1. Andrea Rau Was My Mystery”Swinging Pussycat”! Wild Cult Cinema Ads – With Cult Movie Queens Galore! – JR-Sploitation!

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