The Story Of “Sinful” Anne Sparrow!” One “Dwarfsploitation” Film Drove Her Out Of The Business!

“A young bride, left alone to the lewd passions of an evil dwarf!”

And with that tagline, a “euro-sleaze” classic was born!

My “2021 Sex Kitten Countdown” has the story of an Actress who made one film and then disappeared forever – but what a film it was!

This is Actress Anne Sparrow, and she is about to fall under the spell of a VERY “Sinful Dwarf!”

Sometimes there are movies that are so wrong – I mean WRONG – in every way that they are destined for cult status….with that in mind, time to explore the mysterious disappearance of the sex kitten star of this film:

Meet Anne Sparrow!

Actress Anne Sparrow stars in “The Sinful Dwarf”, but it’s her only film performance EVER, and she has disappeared into the black hole of movie trivia! Why? Well, let’s begin with this – a trailer that only hints at the decadence on display – and started with that classic horn-driven instrumental while a 70’s “coming attractions” graphic covers the screen:

Thanks to John Deadbeat for posting this on YouTube, go check him out for more wacky stuff!

Here’s the plot of “The Sinful Dwarf”:

Anne Sparrow stars as the young wife of a Doctor who needs to rent a room for a few nights in a strange city.

Of course, she’s being watched, especially when her husband is out looking for work, and she finds time to change clothes at all hours of the day…

Diminutive former kiddie-show host Torben Bille – who looks disturbingly like Jack Black in a trash compactor – stars as well, as a young man who takes a special interest in the female guests at his mother’s boarding house…

Poor Anne Sparrow!

while her husband is away, Anne discovers an attic prison, where naked women are kept drugged up so that clients can come in and rape them…and she is captured by the Dwarf as well!

For Actress Anne Sparrow, it must have been a dream come true: landing a starring role in your first feature film! But who is kidding who – just look at this description from the cover art:

“The delicious Anne Sparrow – in her first and understandably only screen role – co-stars in this towering achievement in graphic depravity, now fully restored from a 35mm print discovered hidden in a janitor’s closet at the Danish Film Institute!”

I guess being part of a film described as a “towering achievement in graphic depravity” can make you second-guess your career choice!

And yes, that’s right – this movie was not only found in a janitor’s closet in Denmark – but they chose not to throw it out!

The “Missing” Sex Kitten!

As you all know, the internet holds the answers to our entire history….it can tell you anything and everything – except what happened to Sparrow!

Anne Sparrow puts it all out there in this film, but ultimately she fights back against all of the “sins” this “Sinful Dwarf” has to offer!

So what happened to her?

Perhaps the fact that the Dwarf drugs her and sells her body to a variety of businessmen was something that didn’t look good on her resume – but the film doesn’t shy away from any of the sleazy action…

I have scoured the internet and haven’t found anything about Anne Sparrow – except that “The Sinful Dwarf” was her first and only movie – perhaps it was due to the fact that the Producers took the film, added some “XXX” material in it, and released an even dirtier version!

The movie makes Anne Sparrow’s performance look even more graphic than it was, but whatever the reason, Anne Sparrow’s singular movie achievement remains this – one of the craziest examples of “Euro-Sleaze” ever released!


Anne Sparrow isn’t the only Actress to make a single film appearance – although in this case, an Actress achieved film immortality for a single scene!

Yes, Gilda Texter will forever be remembered as the “naked motorcycle rider” in the 70’s cult classic “Vanishing Point” – but she had other provocative roles as well and you can read her entire story here:

And here’s the story of another Actress who became a Cult Movie Queen for a single role:

Kristine DeBell had a terrific career, but will perhaps always be remembered for her role in the X-rated “Alice In Wonderland” – but just what did she do in the film?

Well, that’s a fascinating story and you can check out the movie trailer and more by clicking on my story here:

I’ve shared many stories about some of the “missing” Cult Movie Queens of a bygone era – when the wild and crazy stuff that was put onscreen has never been matched!

Laura Gemser starred in many of them, but here’s a look at her “women in prison” classic as well as others from that era!

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Let me know if you’ve heard of Anne Sparrow or “The Sinful Dwarf!”

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12 replies

  1. This was on my watchlist for years, and when I finally saw it, ot was WAY better than expected!


  2. I have to say that I do find the dwarf creepy. They definitely couldn’t get away with ‘Dwarfsploitation’ now!
    I own a film on DVD that was made by Herzog in 1970. It’s very strange. A ‘Dwarf Rebellion’!
    Best wishes, Pete.


  3. What a shame to be remembered for a crummy movie like this one! Beautiful, busty, and bushy Annie deserved better!

    Liked by 1 person


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