“Working It Out” With Joanna Storm! Here’s the Empowered Career Of This Adult Film Star!

“Working It Out” With Joanna Storm!

Sometimes, all it takes is a poster, like this one I saw on one of the Facebook cult film sites.

I didn’t know who Joanna Storm was – but I wanted to find out!

My “2021 Sex Kitten Countdown” takes a look at this Cult Movie Queen’s terrific career!

Joanna was born in 1958 in San Diego, California. She was raised by foster parents who ultimately adopted her.

She grew up a “tomboy” before he life took a dramatic turn.

According to the website IMDB:

“Storm grew up in a variety of different families throughout her tumultuous childhood. Joanna left home at age thirteen and spent the bulk of her teenage years growing up on the streets. During this time Storm also made angel dust, sold marijuana to sailors on the pier, and even transported machine guns across the Mexican border. Joana married a seventeen-year-old man at age fifteen. After her husband got arrested and sent to prison, Storm went off to Cody, Wyoming and got a job as a bartender prior to moving again to Texas where she worked at a bar called The Water Hole.”


Eventually, Storm became an exotic dancer and travelled the country, before returning to San Diego and being introduced to the adult film industry by a club owner.

Here’s a quote from Joanna:

“When I do something, I go all the way. There’s no holding back on anything.”

And that’s the truth!

Storm got into the adult film industry and had more than 60 credits! Here are some of the best:

“Throat…12 Years After”

Not a sequel, a “homage” to the classic film “Deep Throat.”

She also starred in “Sexcapades” and the followup “Great Sexpectations” as well.

This was at a time when VHS was becoming hugely popular, and films were being cranked out on videotape. She was proud that her projects weren’t the VHS model of that time:

“They were real films. Real scripts. Real acting that people really studied and prepared for. You had make-up artists and wardrobe people — and you had meals! A layout of food for the whole cast and the production team. It was done just like a feature film.”

As you can see, the camera loved her.

Here are some more of her biggest hits:

Joanna moved to New York where she worked as a feature dancer on 42nd Street as well as acting.

After working steadily for years, Joanna retired from the industry in 1987. She left behind a great collection of adult films…

According to her online bio, “Storm moved to New Mexico and worked as a substitute teacher at a public school and a graveyard shift gig loading newspapers onto trucks as well as sold mobile homes and life insurance before resuming her previous career as a feature dancer once again and making a short-lived comeback in the porn industry in the late 2000’s.”

As she said once:

“No regrets, no sorrows baby. My life was so extreme … It’s very hard for a normal family person to even relate to. Some of it was very rough. Lies and death and rape, and all that crazy shit. But I’m still alive.”

Bravo to Joanna for being a survivor – and empowered woman who transitioned out of the industry and is doing well today!

She reminds me of another empowered performer from the 80’s:

Christy Canyon is one of the greats, and is refreshingly honest about her life as well!

Click here to see much more of her:

Another one of the greats from that era is also a survivor:

Ginger Lynn had an incredible career, including a transition into mainstream work – you can see all of her best films here:

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Let me know if there is anyone you’d like to see covered in my countdown!

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  1. Ever consider doing a feature on SUE NERO ?


  2. Joanna had a classic ‘wild child’ life! Though how a porn actress who worked on the street from the age of 13 eventually gets work as a schoolteacher is beyond me. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

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