Actresses Gini Eastwood And Jill Senter Show Off Their “Pazuzu!” Here’s The Wild Story Of A Very Naked “Pick Up!”

Gini Eastwood and Jill Senter Are Ready For A “Pick Up!”

These two cult Actresses may not be household names, but they co-starred in one of the more unique cult films from the 70’s, along with this guy!

Get Ready For A Mind-Altering Head Trip Thanks To “Pick-Up!”

Yes, that’s a clown out in a field – because the 70’s were full of exploitation films that played drive-ins across the country, but every once in awhile, one with more “artistic intentions” would sneak through – and I will explain this disturbing clown shot soon – because it’s time to head to the swampy south for this cult gem “Pick-Up!”

As the terrific cult movie review site “Mondo-Digital” says:

“The very busy drive-in distributor Crown International really knew how to turn a challenging, unclassifiable film into an exploitation hit, but they really caught moviegoers by surprise with Pick-Up. Marketing as another film about sexy young things menaced by backwoods yokels, it’s actually a much stranger beast closer in spirit to experimental films made over the previous decade. There’s enough nudity and local Southern color to still keep it exploitable enough, but anyone expecting a sleazy T&A romp is in for quite a shock. On the other hand, if you love weird ’70s cinema that refuses to play by any normal rules, this one really delivers.”

And does it! First check out the trailer:

Now, understand that the trailer hints at about 5% of what this film is about – because it’s a bizarrely entertaining psychedelic head trip – need proof?

Here are five reasons you must go to the Vinegar Syndrome website and buy this unique film – and I have visual proof of each!

1 – Yes, It Features A Clown!

“Pick-Up” is worth watching if only for this scene, which is why many reviewers thought the filmmaker was trying for a much more thought-provoking film…oh, there’s also a guy running for the Senate as well who pops up after the Clown…symbolism?

2 – Yes, The Male Lead Hunts A Wild Boar! Then Cooks It Like This!

This gives away nothing of the plot – in fact, almost nothing in the film will give away the plot, but there is a boar hunt, and subsequent roasting, as well as lots and lots of nudity!

3 – Yes, They Find A Swing And Use It – Naked!

It’s never explained how a swing ends up in the middle of the swamp, but does it matter?


Actress Jill Senter happily rides her male co-star for a LONG LONG TIME – after a slow start, the characters shed their clothes for most of the rest of the film…

Now, for one of the more bizarre facts about this movie:

4 – Yes, It Was Originally Titled “PAZUZU!”

I looked it up and was surprised to find this definition of “Pazuzu!”

“Pazuzu is the main antagonist in The Exorcist horror novels and film series, created by William Peter Blatty. Blatty derived the character from Assyrian and Babylonian mythology, where Pazuzu was considered the king of the demons of the wind, and the son of the god Hanbi.”

That said, there is almost NOTHING in the movie to make you tie the two together – but, here is one more GREAT reason to buy this film:

5 – And Yes, You Get This Extra Movie For Free!

I bought this terrific blu-ray from Vinegar Syndrome, and as Mondo-Digital reports:

“The biggest news on this disc is tucked away in the special features but reason enough to snap this one up right away: Orgy at Lil’s Place (77m14s), a 1963 nudie film co-produced and photographed by Hirschenson. Though copious promotional material has been around for this title, the film itself was considered lost for years and became a holy grail of sorts for devotees of obscure exploitation.”

So a great 70’s double bill for the price of one film, and there are other extras as well – and yes, Jill ends up naked on a gravestone!

Here’s what you get on the blu-ray:

An audio commentary with the Director
An audio interview with Gini Eastwood that “charts essentially her whole life story from being an entertainer as a child in upstate New York through her singing career including a stint with New Christy Minstrels!”

Well, she doesn’t get to sing in the film, but she does show off a bit of her more erotic side, so there’s that!

Thanks to the great “Mondo-Digital” website for the review and trivia – see the whole post here:

And congratulations to Vinegar Syndrome for another obscure gem rescued from oblivion!

There have been a number of great “hitch hiking” films, like this one:

“Hitch Hike” is a GREAT 70’s thriller, with a very naked Corinne Clery packing a naked heat:

Here is a closer look at this provocative thriller:

And if it’s “Centerfold Girls” who excite you:

Tiffany Bolling was terrific in this stalker slasher, and you can see lots of provocative photos and the trailer by clicking on my story here:

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Let me know if you are ready for a “Pick-Up” – or a “Pazuzu!”

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  1. That’s a crazy film, John. And the clown could give Coulrophobics a nightmare! 🙂
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