Celebrating Sophie Monk’s “Playboy” Dream Come True! This Actress/Host/Model Has An Empowered Career!

Celebrating Sophie!

My “2021 Sex Kitten Countdown” has tried to shine a light on some of the lesser-known Cult Movie Actresses of the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s – but I also like to celebrate some of the modern era’s most provocative performers as well!

Sophie Monk is a great example of a modern, empowered woman who has built a great career across all media!

She was born on December 14, 1979 in England as Sophie Charlene Akland Monk.

She grew up in Queensland Australia…and it was television down under that catapulted her to fame…

It was all because of the reality music series “Popstars.” As Sophie explains:

“All my success seems to come straight away, and it’s not until later that I get to appreciate it. Like with ‘Popstars,’ I won the competition, and now I look back and go, ‘God, I was lucky to have number-one singles and albums.'”

This 1999 series auditioned a group of young women to become the pop group “Bardot” – and documented the adventure in a series that sent the group’s first album to #1 on the Australian charts!

Sophie’s Playmate Pedigree!

A successful musical career followed, but Sophie also revealed another dream:

“When I was younger, I was like, ‘I want to be on Playboy.’ My mum was a Playmate.”

Well, aren’t we glad for that?

Sophie’s wish would indeed come true…more to come but here’s a tease about her ultimately Playboy decision:

Hard to imagine, but Sophie didn’t really understand why fans would glamour for this. As she said:

“I don’t understand anyone thinking I’m sexy at all. I don’t get it because, growing up as a kid, I wasn’t. I was like a dork, fat, so for me it’s really weird. I became famous in Australia when I was 18, and I was still a little bit chubby.”

After launching a successful music career, Sophie began acting and hosting TV shows as well – with more than twenty credits so far in her career – let’s take a look!

She was part of a great ensemble case in the 2005 film “London” – but don’t worry, she wasn’t going to get too “arty”:

“Date Movie”

This 2006 sex comedy was an unexpected hit – and she clearly was having a blast in the film:

Sophie also caught everyone’s eye with this provocative scene from the film “Sex And Death 101”:

“Spring Breakdown” and Hard Breakers” continued to showcase her range across mainstream and cult movie fare:

She also appeared in this thriller:

“The Hills Run Red”

This 2009 shocker was an unexpected hit – check out the trailer:

She put it all out there in this “Hills Have Eyes” style shocker:

Sophie’s Playboy Decision!

Soon, Sophie’s Playboy dream would come true.

In 2014, Sophie accepted an offer to be photographed for Playboy. The photos were posted exclusively for viewing on the magazine’s “Playboy Plus” website.

Commenting about her pictorial Monk said this:

“Marilyn Monroe did Playboy. It’s an iconic brand, and let’s get real… You only live once and I don’t plan on dieting forever… I miss pizza too much!”

Well, lucky for us that she made the right decision!

Since then, Sophie has been on some of the biggest TV franchises like “Australia’s Got Talent” and “Love Island”.

She currently hosts “Beauty And The Geek” in Australia.

Bravo to Sophie for an empowered career across all media…she reminds me of this British star:

Kelly Brook’s had a very similar career trajectory as well – click here to see much more of her:

Here’s a another Actress who has used social media to increase her success in the modern world:

Amberleigh West has created a huge social media following with her bold, unpredictable posts – click here to see more of her work:

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  1. Another one I didn’t know! I hadn’t heard of the pop group, and haven’t seen any of the films featured. Though how I missed a film called ‘London’ is a mystery! 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

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