It’s The “Girl From BIKINI” Beverly Lynne! Here’s Her Trilogy For Sale Now!

“I love working, I love being an actress, and well, if there’s a little nudity in it, who cares?”

Indeed! This quote from Beverly Lynne made me want to know more about her – and thanks to a terrific new DVD release, I can!

Celebrating The Career Of This “Girl From B.I.K.I.N.I!”

Beverly Lynne was born on October 31, 1973 in Sellersville, Pennsylvania, USA as Beverly Lynne Hubscher.

She got her start in a TV series called “Sex House” in 1995. Apparently, The Onion did a parody version of the show years later, but there is very little information on this original one – there are however, plenty of provocative photos.

Beverly was also an NFL cheerleader for the Philadelphia Eagles from 1998-2000.

Since then, Beverly has amassed more than 100 screen credits – including a trilogy that’s now on sale!

She was in “Confessions Of An Adult Film Star: Hidden Desires” in 2003:

Bikini A Go-Go”

This 2004 movie was directed by Fred Olen Ray. More on him in a moment.

A misplaced necklace turns shy secretary Janet (Beverly Lynne) into a sex-starved dynamo, but evil sorceress Darvella (Nikki Fritz) makes a no-holds barred recovery effort.

She starred in “Secret Desires Of A Housewife” in 2004, along with this well-titled gem:

“Bikini Chain Gang”

This 2004 film was directed by Fred Olen Ray under the name Nichola Medina.

Ray also directed one of the great Cult Movie Queens:

Brinke Stevens was terrific in this Fred Olen Ray film – and its now on blu-ray with special features – check out “Haunting Fear” here:

Now, exciting news about a new DVD release!

Here is one of Beverly’s biggest hits:

“The Girl From B.I.K.I.N.I”

I was excited to get an email from “Makeflix”, announcing a new DVD with the entire “BIKINI” trilogy!

Here are details:

“The Queen of Late Night”, Beverly Lynne, swings into action in this Movie Collection that highlights all THREE installments of THE GIRL FROM BIKINI franchise!

Here’s how they describe it:

“Tanya X pledges to protect, Rebecca Love, the buxom daughter of a top scientist, from evil forces in THE GIRL FROM BIKINI (2007), then it’s time to thwart enemy agents seeking Top Secret missile plans in high stakes, Strip Poker tournament, featuring the unlucky-at-cards, Christine Nguyen, in BIKINI ROYALE (2008). Finally, Tanya X goes undercover to bust up a spy ring operating out of a “Madame Zola’s House of Tarts” in BIKINI ROYALE 2 (2010), co-starring the dynamic, Brandin Rackley.”

What I love is that the DVD set includes original Trailers and the Bloopers and Out-Take reels, allowing viewers a rare glimpse “Behind the Scenes” in the making of these fan favorites.

Director Fred Olen Ray has a great career across all genres of film, and I want to support them – and you should too!

Support this era of cult cinema by going to Makeflix and ordering yours!

By the way, I have a connection to the Director, although he never knew it!

Ray directed this cult classic – and when I ran programming for a cable network called Movietime, we covered the premiere!

The best part is that the blu-ray has our premiere coverage on it! Click here to see more f Michaelle Bauer and the trailer for this classic slice of cult cinema:

As for Beverly Lynne, she has had a fearless, empowered career – and a great philosophy as well:

As Beverly said once:

“I love working, I love being an actress, and well, if there’s a little nudity in it, who cares? I would rather be a working actor and supporting myself by doing my craft, than waiting tables and trying to be an actor.”


Here are some of her other films as well:

Stilla acting:

She produced and starred in the series “Tanya X” as well – building her career with behind-the-scenes credits as well!

Bravo to Beverly Lynne for her great body of work – and I can’t wait for my “B.I.K.I.N.I” trilogy to arrive!

Beverly reminds me of this great B-movie Queen of the modern era:

Julie K. Smith acted in a lot of great, campy films – see them all here:

Of course, there were many who made this era of genre film so much fun:

Antonia Dorian was featured in a number of these films – check out all of her credits here:

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Don’t forget to head to and get your copies of this great trilogy!

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6 replies

  1. Your second photo there is actually Kristen Bell.


  2. I have never heard of Beverly, and I confess to becoming distracted by Julie K Smith!

    What’s going on with that film ‘Terror Night’? What a cast!
    John Ireland
    Alan Hale
    Cameron Mitchell
    Aldo Ray
    John Saxon.
    Had they all run out of money in their golden years? 🙂

    Best wishes, Pete.

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  3. Loving this blog of yours, man! It’s like I found my White brother!

    You should do spotlights on Gabriella Hall, Erika Jordan and Christine Nguyen sometime.

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