The Very Revealing Monica Zanchi! She Lived A Wild Life Onscreen And Off! Her Laura Gemser And Corinne Clery Connection!

Celebrating The Wild Career And Life Of Monica Zanchi!

Every once in a while I will come across someone in a film that is so captivating I need to know more – and that’s the case with Cult Movie Queen Monica Zanchi!

My “2021 Sex Kitten Countdown” has the story of an Actress who led a life as wild offscreen as on!

Monica Zanchi was born in Bern, Switzerland in 1959…the family moved to Italy when she was seven years old.

Monica Goes On The Run!

Monica exhibited a fiercely independent streak early in life – she left home when she was 15 – without informing her parents – to hitchhike throughout Europe. She talks more about that, but first, let’s look at some of her wildest cult cinema roles – starting with a very provocative “Hitch Hike!”

Yes, she hitch hiked through Europe before being discovered by a Photographer, leading to magazines shots like these:

Her real life history of being on the road was useful when she made her debut in the 1977 shocker “Hitch-Hike!”

Yes, she had her film debut in this cult gem, the story of a couple who picks up the wrong hitch hiker – and it starred the gorgeous Corinne Clery:

This is a terrific, gritty 70’s thriller – one of many provocative films that Clery made, and you can see them all here:

As for Zanchi, that same year she worked with another great Cult Movie Queen when she co-starred in “Sister Emanuelle”:

Yes, Monica ended up in a “Emanuelle” film – the ones starring Laura Gemser! this has a classic “erotic cinema” plot:

Renouncing her “sinful” past, Emanuelle enters a convent – then meets Monika, the free-spirited, free-loving daughter of a wealthy Baron. Emanuelle is charged with keeping Monika in line, but when the young girl’s wild ways bring back memories of her own sensual past, Emanuelle begins questioning her own religious and sexual identity. 

Here’s the trailer:

As you can see, Monica wasn’t shy, and these films were great showcases for her talent as an Actress and a free spirit!

Still in 1977, she teamed with Gemser again in this cult shocker!

Legendary Director Joe D’Amato was never subtle, and this cannibal shocker is filled with non-stop nudity, sex and gore – just the way it should be!

Gemser again plays “Emanuelle” – note the spelling – an investigative Reporter who heads to the Amazon to find a long lost cannibal tribe – and instead finds Monica – and soon they are both very naked!

Yes, the plot gives both Actresses plenty of time for full nudity – especially when Monica is captured by the cannibal tribe, drugged and paraded around naked.

As you can see, Monica wasn’t afraid to be provocative…as it turns out, the blu-ray of the film includes a new interview with her, and she discusses some of her wild life when she hitch-hiked through Europe:

When she ran away at 15, her family didn’t know her whereabouts for a full year – but Zanchi is quite honest about what was going on!

Completely broke, Monica came up with a scheme: she would check into 5-star Hotels, pretending that her parents were “on their way”, and then she’d sneak out without paying rent after a couple of weeks!

She’s very candid when recounting that, as well as so many other aspects of her life – really makes the blu-ray worth owning!

Monika also appeared in “Very Close Encounters Of The Fourth Kind” – three nerdy students who have the hots for their sexy astronomy teacher and her pretty maid hit upon the idea of pretending to be outer-space aliens in the hopes of tricking the pair into going to bed with them!

An uncredited role in 1979’s “Zombie” led to Monica dropping off the map – she spent a decade away from the business before a brief return – then that was it for her acting career!

Interestingly, one of those magazine shoots she did before acting had her future co-star Gemser on the cover!

The “Cannibal” film did allow them to bathe nude together in the Amazon as well:

For Gemser, her “Emanuelle” role was very specifically spelled, because there had already been an “Emmanuelle” series!

See more of Laura’s career by clicking here:

And what about the “original” Emmanuelle?

That was, of course, Sylvia Kristel – what a career she had as well, and you can see it all here:

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  1. I have seen ‘Hitch Hike’, but can’t remember Monica in that film. Her early magazine photos were very provocative. I doubt they would feature such young-looking models holding a doll these days!
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. I don’t see how she could have been born in 1969. She appeared older than 8 un those 1977 films.



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