Penthouse Pet Lori Wagner’s Infamous “Caligula” Performance! My “2021 Sex Kitten Countdown” Has Her X-Rated Role!

Lori Wagner’s Controversial “Caligula” Performance!

One of the most fascinating stories in cinema history is “Caligula”, an X-rated epic with A-list stars and XXX-rated footage added later!

I re-watched the film last night, and then dug into some of the great special features, including a candid new interview with Lori Wagner!

This notorious film starred Malcom McDowell and Helen Mirren – but it also starred Lori Wagner, although in a much different way.

My “2021 Sex Kitten Countdown” has her story!

Lori Kay Wagner was born on August 11, 1952 in Whittier, California.

She won several beauty contests at the start of her show business career, but it ws Penthouse magazine that made her a star – with a different name!

Lori used the pseudonym “Octavia Corriell” for her nude pictorial in the May 1975 issue of “Penthouse” magazine. 

No matter what name she used, she was a stunning Model!

Lori’s Wild “Caligula” Performance!

After appearing in her first film in 1977, Lori wowed audiences with her “energetic” performance alongside Malcolm McDowell and fellow Playmate Anneka di Lorenzo in the legendary X-rated opus “Caligula!”

Wagner portrayed Caligula’s younger sister Agrippina in the infamous film, which was produced by Penthouse Magazine founder Bob Guccione, who stepped in and added orgy scenes after Director Tinto Brass finished filming.

Wagner and fellow “Penthouse” Pet di Lorenzo filmed a steamy lesbian scene in “Caligula” that was reprinted as a pictorial in the June 1980 and February 1991 issues of “Penthouse”.

The “Caligula” Fallout!

Of course, those added XXX-rated scenes made the film hugely controversial, with the stars adamantly against the added sexual material. As it was, “Caligula” was X-rated anyway – and critics hated it!

Following the harsh critical reception and box-office failure of “Caligula,” Lori laid low for eight years before resurfacing in a small part in the film “Trained To Kill.”

She appeared in the 1994 X-rated film “Frankenpenis” with John Wayne Bobbitt, which doesn’t seem like a smart career choice, but it kept her name in the headlines.

Lori was also a contestant in the “Nudes A Poppin’ 2” strip/dance contest at the Ponderosa Sun Club in Roselawn, Indiana, in 1995 and attempted a side career as a comedian in 1996.

She also participated in the “Topless Dancer World Championships” in Las Vegas in 1999. 

Wagner was also a Songwriter, including the song “Everything Changed (That Morning)” following the September 11, 2001, terrorist attack on the World Trade Center.

Lori Kay Wagner is now an avid environmental campaigner in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Bravo to her for continuing to reinvent herself! Now, back to that notorious film:

I own this 3 disc “special edition” of the film, which has multiple cuts of the film, tons of behind-the-scenes material, and audio commentaries from Malcolm McDowell and Helen Mirren – but there’s more!

Wagner does a very candid 28-minute interview for the box set, where she discusses her role in the film – bravo to her for that!

Her involvement in “Caligula” is fascinating – as is Helen Mirren’s as well:

Yes, the Actress is nude in several scenes in the film!

This fearless Actress has had a provocative career, and you can see all of her wildest work by clicking on my story here:

Teresa Ann Savory played Caligula sister in the film and she was fearless in the role as well:

You can see all of her most provocative roles by clicking on my story here:

I also profiled another of the Penthouse Pets who were not only used in the filming of the movie, but who were featured in the extra material added later:

Susanne Saxon was in “Caligula” and she did so much more as well – you can see her story by clicking here:

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  1. The uncut version of Caligula on DVD is the gift that keeps on giving. That said, when I saw it on release in a mainstrem cinema in London, it was hardly edited at all by the UK censors. I know the critics hated it, and some of the cast disowned it, but I think it is an overblown wonder!
    Best wishes, Pete.

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