Actress Muriel Montosse’s Most Revealing Role! Her “All Nude All The Time” Cult Gem “Cecilia”!

Celebrating the Gorgeous Muriel Montosse!

Wow! Look at that shot!

Have you ever seen a film where you are literally mesmerized by the lead Actress?

That was the case when I finally bought one of Director Jess Franco’s more obscure films – with a stunning lead performance!

It’s time for my “2021 Sex Kitten Countdown” to introduce you to the “mesmerizing” Muriel Montosse!

Muriel Montossé was born on June 27, 1955 in France.

This absolutely fearless Actress had more than 50 credits in her career – some of the most provocative films of the Grindhouse era!

I found some very candid nude shots of her, but a little more research led me to some of the most outrageous cult films of the 70’s and 80’s!

Let’s get started!

“Love Camp”

This 1977 euro-sleaze gem was directed by Jess Franco.

A group of women are kidnapped by guerrillas and forced to serve as prostitutes for them in a jungle brothel. The sadistic female warden decapitates uncooperative girls.

Muriel played Isla the warden, using the name Nanda van Bergen – and don’t worry, all of her prisoners had to show a lot:

More Jess Franco in 1978:

She appeared in “Wicked Women” again as Nanda van Bergen – a film with plenty of sleaze to go around:

Muriel also appeared in one of my favorite Jean Rollin films:

1979’s “Fascination” is a bold, moody French horror film!

You know who the star of “Fascination” was, don’t you?

Brigitte Lahaie starred in French Director Jean Rollin’s moody horror film – and the camera loved loved loved her!

Click here to see more of her provocative career:

In 1980, Muriel had a small but highly visual role in Jess Franco’s “Devil Hunter”,
as Victoria Adams – this is a wild piece of euro-sleaze and you can see it all here:

“Emmanuelle Exposed” was next in 1982, appearing as Vicky Adams….but it was this next film that brought her to my attention!

All Hail “Cecilia!”

For those who find Director Jess Franco an acquired taste – acquire this!

“Cecilia” is a Jess Franco 1983 film that was remastered and released on Blu-ray – I watched it and all I can say is this:

Muriel’s “Nude Early, Nude All The Time!”

Yes, Muriel is naked for virtually the entire film! From the opening scene, when she is picked up by a Limousine and immediately strips in the back seat…

To the multiple scenes of her walking around her house completely naked…

To the numerous baths she takes, sometimes alone, sometimes with others…

To the scenes of her wandering through the woods – to even this: a completely naked horseback ride!

Bravo to Jess Franco! “Cecilia” is not only a gorgeous looking film, probably his best looking ever, but Muriel is nude for the vast majority of the running time!

It’s the story of a young couple who spice up their sex life with infidelity, rape fantasies, lesbian encounters and more! And not only that, it’s a really good film!

Muriel was fearless to be sure, also building a career modeling:

She also appeared in several films using the screen name Vicki Adams, in films just as provocative:

No matter the name, Muriel was a provocative Actress, oh, and not only, that she also released music!

Bravo to Muriel for an incredible career in cult film…and a fearless appetite to let it all out – all the time!

Her co-star in many of the Franco films was Lina Romay:

Speaking of fearless!

In fact, I shared the story of Franco’s “Shining Sex”, with an “always nude” performance by Romay AND some extra scenes of XXX-rated material!

Click here to find out more:

Severin releases beautifully done remastered versions of cult cinema with terrific bonus material…here’s another example:

“The Devil’s Honey” is a real gem – see the trailer and more by clicking on my story here:

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  1. Glad to hear you were able to find that obscure title, John. I know you are a big fan of Franco’s films.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. Her name is actually Muriel Montossey. After her movie carreer, she worked as a stand-upper (first in TV show, La Classe than on stage, mixing humor and sexy parts (well, she wasn’t showing nothing more than her cleavage in her shows but her texts got a lot of innuendos): (13 min)



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