The “Eye Popping” Virginia Bell! This Legendary 46-DD Burlesque Dancer Was A “Scanty Panties” Star!

Celebrating The Trailblazing Virginia Bell!

In today’s “anything online” world, it’s easy to forget a time when nudity was not only frowned upon, it was illegal!

Virginia Bell was one of the trailblazing Burlesque performers who took it all off – and paved the way for a more “progressive” attitude toward nudity!

She was born on August 14, 1934 in Montrose, California. Virginia was a legendary 1950s stripper and nude model with a 46-inch bust.

Need proof?

There you go, and this was at a time when showing off your assets was a sometimes dangerous occupation!

Yes, she appeared in some “loops” that you could buy on 8mm through the mail!

Take it all off she did, first on stage and then on film, as well as in some of the men’s magazines that were sold from “under the counter!”

In addition to her nude modeling work, Virginia also made five films, all at a time when appearing nude in a movie could land you in prison!

“Scanty Panties!”

This 1961 “film” was really just a series of ribald comedy routines with burlesque house comics, striptease acts and exotic dance numbers!

“Bell, Bare And Beautiful”

This 1963 film actually had a plot: a young millionaire is obsessed by a woman he keeps dreaming about but doesn’t know. After an investigation, he discovers that she is a large-breasted stripper who spends a lot of time in a nudist camp. He decides to follow her there.

She played herself in the 1964 “documentary” called “Lullaby Of Bareland” and kept posing for pictures as well:

She had a bit part in the 1969 Suzy Kendall film “Fraulein Doktor” and then it was one last role:

“Gertie The Grapefruit Girl And Friends”

After that, her movie career was over…but what a wild wild run she had!

Virginia died in 2010 in Westlake Village, California.

Her career reminds me of another buxom star of that era:

Yes, Chesty Morgan used her assets in a pair of wild films, and you can see all of that here:

I also shared this tory of the Playmate who may have been Playboy’s “biggest” Model:

See more of her story by clicking here:

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9 replies

  1. I love Boob Goddesses.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m surprised Russ Meyer never gave her film work. She certainly qualified!
    Best wishes, Pete.


  3. And Virginia had all that boob flesh, and kept it up!, before the advent of silicone. In her loops, she looked like she knew what your hand was doing, liked it, and would keep it “our little secret”. A lot of semen was caught in towels because of that expression.



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