Doris Arden’s Dirty “Housewives Report!” My “2021 Sex Kitten Countdown” Has Her Naughty Secrets!

Celebrating German Sex Kitten Doris Arden!

I was an avid collector of newspaper movie ads growing up – and when I look back at them, I come across some films that make me want to know more – which led me to Cult Movie Queen Doris Arden!

Who Was In This “Housewives Report?”

You see, this double bill was playing in downtown Seattle – I was way too young to get in, but what an ad! And guess who appeared in it – Doris Arden!

So, just who was this cheating “Housewife”? Well, it turns out she was a very popular Cult Movie Actress who was born in Germany in 1946, and had a nice run of European sex movies!

Among her early films was 1969’s “Erotic Center” and “Graf Porno Und Seine Madchen”….you see, many of her films were never released here!

In 1971 she appeared in “Don’t Get Your Knickers In A Twist” – again, films that lived a much more robust life in Europe than the US.

In 1972 she was in “Sex Life In A Convent” and “Nurses Report”:

Now, onto this sex shocker:

This 1971 German import was really just a series of short films purporting to show housewives being unfaithful – so lots and lots of nudity:

Of course, the Germans had all sorts of “reports” to share, like these wildly successful and inappropriate films:

Marisa Feldy appeared in some – always naked of course, since these “cautionary” films were diesnged to scare parents and excite young men!

See more of her work here:

I also shared the story of another Actress in these films who had a very unique name:

Ulrike Butz appeared in several of them – she had a tragic life however, and you can read more about here by clicking here:

As for Doris, she ended her acting career doing TV series in Germany, but we’ll always remember her as a cheating housewife!

Cult cinema is filled with Actresses who carved out a unique path for themselves:

Sybil Danning had an incredible career – she is one of the Cult Movie Icons…you can see some of her greatest work by clicking on my story here:

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  1. also collected newspaper movie ads back in the day, Dad “joked” it was for the women in some of the ads. It wasn’t. The credit blocks and company logos were the real draws. With the exceptions of “Desperately Seeking Susan” and “8 Million Ways To Die” (common denominator: Rosanna Arquette. Screw Harvey Weinstein forever for ruining her career.)

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  2. I remember when Germany supplied the majority of ‘serious’ porn films here. They were reel-to reel cine films at the time, and the first hardcore porn I ever saw as a teenager was a German film supposed to be set in England. The ‘stud’ was wearing a bowler hat, but speaking in German! 🙂
    Never heard of Doris though.
    Best wishes, Pete.



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