Cult Movie Queen Mary Woronov’s “Sugar Cookies”! The ONLY X-Rated Film To Lose Money!

Imagine Cult Movie Queen Mary Woronov getting a review like THIS!

“The intersection between art and trash doesn’t get much more tangled than ‘Sugar Cookies’!”

Get ready for the very strange recipe for these “Sugar Cookies!”

Yes, a movie with sex, violence, and Troma’s legendary founder Lloyd Kaufman! In other words, a film that has it all! Including some reviews like this!

Behold The Amazing Wonder Of “Sugar Cookies!”

First, here is the trailer for the remastered version of this “legendary lost” film, now being released in a special edition by Vinegar Syndrome:

Sugar Cookies obscure film

Here is how IMDB describes “Sugar Cookies”: A film producer murders his star actress during an erotic “game” and makes it look like suicide. The dead girl’s lesbian lover discovers what happened, and plots her revenge.

This is a real 70’s “roughie”, not the usual Troma fare, and in many ways, it works because of the cast involved – especially Mary Woronov and Lynn Lowry:

Here is some great insight on the film, thanks to the folks at Mondo Digital:


This release poster is from Troma, and there’s a reason for that! The script was actually the handiwork of future Troma founder Lloyd Kaufman, whose dad appears in the film as a lawyer with a kinky secretary, played by “soon to be” adult star Jennifer Welles!


Of course, Welles was on of the legendary XXX-rated stars of the “golden Age Of Porn” – you can see more of her greatest hits here:

Also on board was Associate Producer Oliver Stone, a school buddy of Kaufman’s! If you know anything about Lloyd, he’s got a lot of friends in the movie business!

cult actress lynn lowry

The film also starred Lynn Lowry, who only had two credits under her belt at the time (“I Drink Your Blood” and Kaufman’s “The Battle of Love’s Return”) but would go on to star in such cult classics as “The Crazies”, “Shivers”, and “Score”.

Here’s a look at the wild behind-the-scenes story of her “Blood” film:

cult actress Mary Woronov

Cult Movie Queen Mary Woronov stars as well, and both she and Kaufman do audio commentary on the new release – with some great stories to tell!

This is an “adult” film, and at the time, “grind house” theaters were loving this stuff…so how did the recipe for “Sugar Cookies” taste?

“The Only X-rated Film To Lose Money!”

This is a classic Lloyd Kaufman quote, and as funny as that sounds, clearly the “Sugar Cookies” attempt to capitalize on the x-rated soft core movie trend of the early 70’s didn’t pay off at the time…

Sugar Cookies grindhouse

“Sugar Cookies” was screened in grind houses like this one around the country, and Troma released a version on home video – but now, thanks to the folks at Vinegar Syndrome, “Sugar Cookies” is back in an expanded edition!

Thanks Again, Vinegar Syndrome!

And of course, the masterminds at Vinegar Syndrome deserve applause for keeping classic cult cinema like this alive – and it’s not just “Sugar” over at “Vinegar!”

classic sexploitation

Yep, the folks at Vinegar Syndrome cover “saints” and “devils”, too! Vinegar Syndrome has a wide array of cult classics, and I admire their tenacity in going after obscure gems!

Laura Cannon stars in “Fleshpot On 42nd Street”, which VS has uncut! Here are details:

Vinegar Syndrome is helping to keep cult cinema alive, and bringing back a legendary Lloyd Kaufman film is one way to do it!

Lloyd on Terror Firmer Set

And of course, Lloyd went on to found the longest-running independent film studio in history – I am a huge fan of Troma, and worked with Tiffany Shepis, James Gunn and Sgt. Kabukiman at the Cannes Film Festival – here’s that story:

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Let me know I you’ve seen “Sugar Cookies”!

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  1. Another new one to me, John. It’s great how yo keep finding them. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. Is this the Mary Woronov from Eating Raoul a great sexy black comedy ?
    LOVE your articles.

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  1. The “Crazies” Cult Movie Queen Lynn Lowry “Shivers” Too! She “Scores”! Gets “Fighting Mad” And More! – JR-Sploitation!

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