Playboy Playmate Justine Greiner! Her “One And Done” Pictorial Led Me To A Hollywood Mystery!

Meet Playboy Playmate Justine Greiner!

Some of the women I profile on this blog are well known – and some less so for a variety of reasons – and some just seem to drop out of sight!

My “2021 Sex Kitten Countdown” came across this Playboy Playmate for a unique reason, which I’ll explain later – and I’m glad I did!

Justine Greiner was born on November 19, 1963 in Boston, Massachusetts. Her family moved to Southern California early on in her life, and it was there that Justine was spotted by a Photographer, who took some test photos of her.

That led to her being chosen as Playboy’s Playmate of the Month in February 1984. Justine was 20 when she became a Playmate.

She looks a bit shocked in this photo, perhaps because of the delay for her being in the magazine!

You see, she was initially scheduled to appear in the November 1982 issue but her pictorial was delayed and it took 15 months for her to finally become Playboy’s Miss February 1984.

Justine Drops Out!

After that recognition – NOTHING!

There are literally no other credits for her – she never acted, and in fact was one of the few Playboy models from the mid-1980’s not to appear in any of the popular Playboy videos of that time!

Her pictorial was used around the world, and at the time of the shoot, she said being a Playmate helped her become more comfortable with her sexuality.

“Being a Playmate has made me more aware that I can be sexy. I think every woman should pose nude—a lot of women go their whole lives without having nude pictures taken. You can really look at yourself. It’s an interesting experience. I’ve gotten to know my body better.”

But that was it – I can’t find any additional credits for her, and I only came across her originally because of this other mystery.

You see, Justine was the centerfold in this issue of Playboy:

The Cover That Sparked A Mystery!

I discovered Justine because this was the issue that featured Carol Wayne. You know her: one of the regulars on “The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson!”

Carol Wayne seemed to have it all: TV success and a beautiful pictorial in Playboy…but her story proved to be shocking:

She became famous thanks to Johnny Carson – so how did she end up dead on a beach in Mexico?

Click here to see more of her mysterious life and tragic death:

Sadly, many of Hollywood’s most legendary sex kittens had tragic endings:

Jayne Mansfield was one of the earliest Hollywood sex kittens, and she also had a tragic death.

Click here to see that story:

Perhaps Justine just didn’t seek the spotlight beyond her Playboy appearance..if that’s the case, then she took the same path as one of the most famous Playmates ever:

Candy Loving was named the 25th Anniversary Playmate, but then she dropped out of sight!

See more of her provocative pictures and read all about her disappearance here:

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7 replies

  1. Justine has the distinction of being the first Playmate to show genitalia! Up until then all you could from Playboy was bush.

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  2. Justine, where are you!!!!? How unfair it is to Justine and to her many admirers that she literally disappeared. It’s even more unfair that Playboy never begged her to do more pictorials or that she was never offered any movie roles. Justine was a neglected beauty.

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