Meet Pamela Anne Gordon! Playboy’s First Canadian Playmate Was “Most Freckled” Too!

Celebrating The “Freckled” Canadian Playmate Pamela Anne Gordon!

Sometimes a fun story drops in your lap, like when a search for another “2021 Sex Kitten Countdown” star led me to Pamela Anne Gordon – and I’m glad it did!

I happened upon Pamela Anne Gordon – who was not only Playboy’s first Canadian Playmate Of The Month, but the most freckled Playmate I’ve ever profiled!

Pamela was born in 1943 in British Columbia.

This was an era when the magazine covers were more chaste, and the pictorials were as well…oh, and the magazine cost 60 cents!

In March 1962, Pamela became Playboy’s first Canadian Playmate, and here’s why:

Now only was she stunningly beautiful but look at those freckles!

Pamela went on to work at a Playboy Club in Canada, and was also named one of the top Canadians of 1962 by Liberty magazine.

This was an era when less was shown, more was suggested, and the Playmates didn’t automatically jump into film and TV work….Pamela has no other credits!

If anyone knows what Pamela went on to do, let me know…she reminds me of another Playmate who also chose not to pursue a career in entertainment:

Candy Loving was notably Playboy’s 25th Anniversary Playmate, but she also disappeared soon afterwards, promoting stories like this one:

She was gorgeous, but chose not to pursue the limelight – see her story here:

Candy did, in fact, beat out Dorothy Stratten for the title of 25th Anniversary Playmate:

Stratten was the next Playmate Of The Year, however, and was on her way to stardom when her estranged husband murdered her….a shocking story to be sure, but if you want to celebrate all that Dorothy achieved in her short life, I paid homage to her here:

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  1. Oops! Reading this at the doctor’s office…not a good call on my part. Ha!

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  2. Her freckles remind me of a time when I used to see many freckled giirls. What happened to freckles? You rarely see anyone with them now. There’s a mystery to solve, John!
    Best wishes, Pete.

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