Celebrating Adult Superstar Vanessa del Rio! I’ve Got Her Biggest Hits And Wildest Films!

Celebrating The “Golden Age Of Adult Film!”

In the early 70’s, several court rulings resulted in films diving deep into the XXX-rated world, with movies like these becoming blockbusters:

In the decade that followed, dozens of great Adult Movie Queens arrived, including the first “non-white” superstar, Vanessa del Rio!

My “2021 Sex Kitten Countdown” celebrates her career in the adult film world!

Vanessa del Rio was born on March 31, 1952 in Harlem as Anna Maria Sanchez. Her parents were Cuban and Puerto Rican.

She ran away from home after 8th grade, and after some questionable life choices, ended up in adult film right as the industry was booming!

Vanessa has more than 90 film credits, let’s look at some of her greatest hits!

She got her start with several uncredited roles in 1975, and it was the next year that she starred in “That Lady From Rio”:

This led to a steady stream of films that played grind houses across the country – before the era of home video and VHS!

She appeared with Samantha Fox in this one – Fox was also a legend of that era, although she had a tragic life…read all about here by clicking on my story here:

As you would expect, these stars worked together often, as most of the adult films of that era had multiple performers – here are some more of Vanessa’s films:

Colleen Brennan appeared in this film as well…she got her start as Sharon Kelly in cult films before getting involved in the adult world as well:

She had a great career and you can see all of her credits here:

As you can see from the next poster, she did some “rougher” material as well – and also short films called “loops” which were just sex scenes with no effort to add a plot line…

In 1986 she retired from porn films – according to online reports because of the fear of AIDS – but returned shortly after…this was the era of VHS and then DVD, and the future of adult film changed:

One online report says that Vanessa was arrested for drug possession in 1987, convicted and sentenced to jail, causing her to clean up her act.

I can’t find any additional information on that, but she continued to be part of the new adult film market:

She stared in the faux biopic “Deep Inside Vanessa del Rio” and “The Devil in Miss Jones 3” as well: 

Vanessa was also very popular in the men’s magazine world as well:

She was ranked #8 in The 50 Top Porn Stars of All Time (“AVN” – January 2002).

In her illustrated biography from TASCHEN Publications (Vanessa del Rio: Fifty Years of Slightly Slutty Behavior, 2007) she revealed to editor Dian Hanson that she also worked as a “streetwalker” and “call girl” before breaking into adult film.

Bravo to Vanessa for her longevity in the business – what an Icon!

I mentioned that Vanessa was the first “non-white” Superstar Of Adult Cinema, but let’s not forget th legendary Desiree West:

Desiree was adult cinema’s first black superstar and you can see why by clicking on my story here:

Another fun aspect of the golden age of porn was the proliferation of those “Inside” films!

There were a number of legendary XXX-rated Stars who had “Inside” films:

Desiree Cousteau made a huge splash with the film “Pretty Peaches” and she did so much more as well – click here to see it all!

As mentioned at the beginning of the story, this really was the “golden age of adult film”, and Linda Lovelace started it all:

Lovelace was a pop culture sensation when “Deep Throat” came out – sadly her real life ws very troubled…see her whole story here:

There are so many more, so if you have a favorite, click on my search bar and see if I’ve already profiled them!


If you are enjoying my “2021 sex kitten countdown”, “like” the story, leave a comment and let me know!

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  1. How about a feature on SUE NERO ?


  2. I have never heard of Vanessa, but you gave her a top-notch tribute as always, John.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  3. Where is she now?



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