A Bevy Of Cult Movie Queens Run Wild! “A Scream In The Streets” Has VERY EDGY Sex Kittens Galore!

Quick: what do Cult Movie Queens Colleen Brennan, Sandy Dempsey, Angela Carnon and Linda York all have in common?

This wild X-rated movie!

Celebrating The Mind-Blowing Insanity Of “A Scream In The Streets!”

First things first: look at the poster!

“Officer…They’ve Got My Wife!”

Well, I just watched the film and I don’t think that is EVER said in the film!

That said, there is SO SO SO much to love about this raw, EXTREMELY edgy 1973 police drama…with sex scenes that skirt XXX-territory!

This film actually had more than FOURTEEN MINUTES cut from it before they could show it in England!

Here is the nudity-free trailer from Severin’s blu-ray release!

That’s why the end of the trailer says “Girls In The Streets” – it’ she UK version, and they missed out – because this movie offers up some of the most naked cult Actresses of that era!

Sandy Dempsey’s Explicit Lesbian Encounter!

A very naked Sandy Dempsey gets us started on our tour of this film’s sexy cast!

If you don’t know her, Sandy had an extensive list of exploitation film credits – and a shockingly mysterious death which you can read about here:

Sandy has a brief role in “A Scream In The Streets” – a subplot has a “peeping tom” running wild – and he happens upon Sandy at just the right time – just as she begins a completely nude and explicit lesbian encounter!

She plays a sexually frustrated housewife who invites a friend over to talk – but it quickly becomes much more:

Their “talk” quickly becomes an eye-popping lesbian encounter that is really explicit – even for an X-rated film – but who cares?

Angela Carnon is the one using the phone underneath Sandy’s legs…you see, they notice the “peeping tom” who shows up throughout the film, so while they are engaged sexually, they still manage to call the police!

Angela Carnon also acted under the name Angela Field, and what a wild career she had!

Click here to see more!

Two cops are very busy in the film: looking for the “peeping tom” and also searching for a crazed rapist who is on the loose – you see many scenes of them driving around, including this one where the reflection of the film’s “clapboard” is visible in the reflection on the lower left of his window:

As they drive around complaining about the rapist in their midst, they get updates from the police station – thanks to the gorgeous Cult Movie Queen Colleen Brennan!

Yes, when not “calling all cars”, Colleen has dinner with a fellow Cop and they end up in a fully nude sex scene – considering Brennan ended up doing adult films, this one is almost as graphic – and it’s just one of several sex scenes in the film..

If you need to see more of Colleen’s work, both under this name as well as Sharon Kelly, then click on my story here:

As I said, the two cops are looking for a psycho rapist – but they don’t realize that he is dressing as a woman!

Of course, anyone should see it’s a man under that garish wig, but let’s get back to the story. That’s Linda York on the left – apparently not in any way realizing that the “lady” next to her is a man!

That leads to York being butchered on a park bench: strangely, while he is called a rapist in the film, we never see an actual physical assault – in this case, he makes York take her sweater off but leaves the bra on before stabbing her…as you would guess:


If you don’t remember, I profiled the “mysterious” Linda York as well:

I saw her in “Sweet Trash” but there were no credits for this cult gem, so I had to research her – and now you can enjoy those results here:

“A Scream In The Streets” is a weird little hybrid of a film: it has lots of action, lots of nudity and sexual situations, and it also takes time to decry the leniency of the court system – allowing criminals to run wild all around us!

Cut The Extra Sex Scenes!

As always, Severin Films takes a cult gem like this and loads it up with extras!

The remastered Severin Blu-Ray offers two extended sex scenes that were part of the “peeping tom” storyline, but since neither was used in the finished film, you get them as bonus scenes – and they are full on sex scenes!

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Let me know if you’ve seen this oddity!~

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  1. I haven’t seen this, but have no problem at all with any ‘lesbian encounters’!
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. I saw this back in the VHS era and remember thinking it was so close to porn–I wondered if it possibly was with just a few careful snips and cuts here and there. I might consider tracking it down again eventually.

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