Celebrating Sophie Howard! This British Pin-Up Superstar Is Also A Savvy Businesswoman!

All Hail Sophie Howard!

I have tried to mix up my “2021 Sex Kitten Countdown”, highlighting legendary Cult Movie Queens as well as some of the more modern “sex kittens” who are popular across all media.

That’s the case with Actress / Model / Social Media Powerhouse Sophie Howard!

Sophie Howard was born on February 24, 1983 in Southport, England.

After graduating high school, Howard went to Edge Hill University to study English.

She began modeling as well, and appeared in Loaded in its “Almost Famous” and “Sauna Babes” sections. She was discovered by Loaded after she sent the magazine amateur photographs of herself.

She was an immediate success, and ultimately showed up on a wide variety of magazines.

As you can see, she was up for all kinds of photo shoots – and became even more and more popular over the years…

Even with all of this success, Sophie had bigger plans for herself. She went back to school to get a degree in mental health nursing, and while she counted to model for a time, ultimately her goal was to create a different career for herself.

Sophie became an Entrepreneur, and involved in a number of businesses. She has built a career far beyond the men’s magazines, but they still love to cover her!

Bravo to Sophie on her career, one of many empowered women in England who have used the media to build a career!

Lucy Pinder was one of England’s most popular pin-up Models, and you can read all about her career here:

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6 replies

  1. Despite her being English, I had never heard of her.
    Thanks for the introduction, John.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. The photo below the 2008 calendar cover is a photoshop job. Here’s the original:

    I suspect the one of her on the beach with an inflatable snake is photoshopped too, considering the smaller inset picture showing her from behind has her wearing bikini bottoms. Sophie didn’t really go full-frontal to my knowledge. The only time I recall she might have was for Perfect 10 magazine about 20 years ago.

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