Celebrating Miki Sugimoto! This “Pinky Violence” Actress Was A Wild “J-Sploitation” Star!

Celebrating The “J-Sploitation” Career Of Miki Sugimoto!

One of the joys of profiling Cult Movie Queens around the world is sharing unique film genres like “J-Sploitation” – Japanese exploitation films also known as “pinky violence!”

“Bad Girl” Films Are GREAT!

These 70’s films from Japan were filled with action, violence, and of course, nudity – making them a great genre to discover…which led me to Miki Sugimoto!

My “2021 Sex Kitten Countdown” has Miki Sugimoto’s terrific career highlights, as well as some of “J-sploitation’s” other great stars!

Miki was born in Japan in 1953.

She became a Fashion Model and starred in a TV show called “Go Go Girl in All Night Fuji” – but it’s her cult films we’ll focus on!

Miki got her “J-Sploitaiton” start when she appeared with the legendary Japanese Actress Reiko Ike in “The Insatiable”:

Young Yuki runs away from home after her mother’s villainous boyfriend rapes her. She ends using sex to survive, but when she finally meets a nice architecture student, she starts thinking that her suffering may be over, but is it?

Miki was more than willing to bare all, as these magazine photos at the time showed.

French Actress Sandra Julien also appeared in the film – a way to broaden the film’s international appeal:

Sandra was also the “Sensuous Teenager” and so much more – see all of her most provocative films here:

Miki launched into a series of “pinky violence” films – most of the posters are in Japanese, but you get the idea:

The films were hugely popular, and had names like “Girl Boss Revenge: Sukeban”:

A group of girls find themselves immersed in an Osaka gangland war when they escape from a detention transport. They form their own gang called The Gypsies.

Terrifying Girls’ High School: Lynch Law Classroom

In this 1973 gem, three new students at a super strict girls’ school face off against the oppressive administration, a corrupt politician and a sadistic student discipline brigade.

That same year she starred in “Girl Boss: Escape From Reform School” – the “girl school” genre was very popular!

Miki also starred in “Zero Woman – Red Handcuffs” in 1974 – one of the most over-the-top Japanese crime films of the 1970s.

All of these films were action-packed, usually focused on “bad schoolgirls” – their version of “women in prison” films!

Miki Sugimoto is almost inseparable from fellow 1970s Toei film star Reiko Ike.

Both stared in numerous “sukeban” films throughout the 1970s and helped build a generation of what was called “Toei porn”.

As I said, Miki was a huge star in this area – however, she left the film industry in 1978 to marry a former classmate-turned-businessman and become a nursery school teacher!

And speaking of the legendary Reiko Ike:

Ike was an Icon of Japanese exploitation – what a career!

See more of her most provocative work here:

One of Ike’s most famous roles was opposite the “Queen Of Artsploitation” Christina Lindberg!

“Sex & Fury” is a classic film, just one of many for Lindberg – and you can see them all here:

As for the “J-sploitation” genre, I have profiled many of the biggest stars from Japan:

Aino Kishi is one of the most well known, and you can see her most provocative work by clicking here:

I also shared the story of this “gun woman”:

Asami starred in a number of wild new “j-sploitaiton” films like “Gun Woman” – click here to see them all:

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Leave me a comment and let me know if you’ve experienced the “pinky violence” world of “J-sploitation!”

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