Chloe Vevrier Is “Freshly Squeezed!” My “2021 Sex Kitten Countdown” Has This Voluptuous Superstar!

Celebrating “Freshly Squeezed Chloe Vevrier!

For those who read my “2021 Sex Kitten Countdown” regularly, you know that I take requests – but I also research women who I discover on social media – and that’s the case with Chloe Vevrier – when I came across this picture!

She takes a provocative phot, that’s for sure, and I wanted to know more about her!

Andrea Irena Fischer was born on September 18, 1968 in East Berlin, East Germany.

This will well before the wall came down and the country reunited.

Her family lived in Communist-controlled East Germany government, which banned pornography – which isn’t good when you look like Chloe!

Still using her birth name, Fischer began her career as a lingerie model in the late-1980s on underground lingerie shows in East Berlin.

She then began a career in exotic dancing and nude modeling, still very much an “underground” profession.

After the fall of the Berlin Wall in the 80’s, she moved to London where she continued modeling in magazines that catered to fans of “buxom” women.

In 1992, Fischer began using the stage name of Chloe Vevrier, and built a career that included her own website, which still exists today!

Vevrier was hugely popular in the 90’s, posing for a wide variety of men’s magazines like Score, Gent, Juggs, Mayfair and Bachelor.

Chloe also appeared in adult films as well – and there are compilations of some of her work like this:

 My Facebook friend Joe shared a photo of her and offered this insight: “I believe she’s written extensively about tantric sex/yoga and has worked with the man who starred in classic German trash flick ‘Nekromantik’ – who is now a photographer of… Well endowed women… Daktari Lorenz! He’s photographed many other modern era classic pinups who I will be sure to post!”

In 2003, Vevrier retired from adult films and focused on her own official website.

Chloe has a vibrant online social media site – where you can find a lot more of her…she really knew how to take a photo:

Here’s the link to her site where she shares much more as well:

As you can see, she has a huge catalog of private photos shoots, and has appeared in some wild adult videos as well – more than 30 in her career:

She reminds me of one of the most Iconic performers in cult cinema:

The legendary Uschi Digard also built a successful website that showcased all of her best assets…you can see much more of here:

Janet Lupo was also one of the most popular full-figured Models of that era:

She had a great, empowered career and you can see more of it by clicking on my story here:

These empowered sex kittens were in control of their careers – another one of the greatest was Adult Icon Christy Canyon:

Christy Canyon had a hugely successful career in adult film and beyond – see all of her career highlights here:

Unfortunately, many adult stars have not been so lucky:

Shauna Grant was also a hugely popular Adult Actress, but she had a shocking, tragic end…you can read more of her compelling story by clicking on my link here:

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Let me know if you are familiar with Chloe Vevrier!

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2 replies

  1. Gosh, she sure is purty….


  2. Chloe has bankable assets! Great feature, John.
    Best wishes, Pete.
    (Will you be showing Jennie’s appearance on Kelly’s show on your regular blog?)


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