Celebrating The “Wild” Miriam Gonzalez! This Actress / Model Has A “Spring Break” Connection With Me!

Celebrating The “Wild” Career Of Miriam Gonzalez!

One of the fun parts of my “2021 Sex Kitten Countdown” is when I discover a connection to one of the empowered women I’m profiling!

I wasn’t familiar with Actress / Model Miriam Gonzalez, but as I dug into her story, I realized we were connected through TV!

Here’s how it happened:

Miriam Gonzalez is Puerto Rican – she was born on July 8, 1977 in Queens, New York.

Miriam moved to Florida where she was a cheerleader in high school and eventually worked as a waitress at Hooters. 

With her natural beauty, she caught the eye of Playboy!

Miriam was the Playmate of the Month for March, 2001.

Gonzalez was also featured in number of “Playboy” videos, and was featured in other special editions of the magazine as well.

My Miriam Gonzalez Connection!

Little did I know that Miriam and I had a TV connection!

I was happily surprised to see this on her official bio:

“She’s appeared as herself on “Wild On Spring Break 2001”!

You see, I CREATED the “Wild On…” travel series – when I ran programming at E! Entertainment Television, I went to the Cannes Film Festival every year, and some of the wildest stuff happened all around the official festival!

It inspired me to create a series that celebrated the wild side of travel – and look who I took with me once!

That led to me hiring Jenna Jameson to test as the new “Wild On…” Host, and I took her to Bangkok and Singapore for filming…I am going to share some of the most provocative moments from that trip soon, but for now, here’s more on my memorable adventure with Jenna:

I wasn’t allowed to hire Jenna, so instead I had my casting department send me a huge tower of “head shots” – photos with credits on the back…that led me to hire Brooke Burke, and she thanked me by signing her calendar to me:

Brooke was terrific on the show, and a pure joy to work with as well.

I’m happy to know that Miriam appeared on an episode of the show, which we loved making, because it showed how much fun you can have exploring the world!

Miriam was also on the E! series “The Girls Next Door”, and appeared in a couple of films, including “Because I’m Single …” and “Babysitter Wanted.”

Gonzalez was also the co-host of Playboy Radio’s “The Playmate Hour” on Sirius.

Miriam now lives in Los Angeles, California.

Congratulations to Miram for a successful, empowered career…oh, and remember the other “signed” calendar I shared?

Yes, as you can see from what she wrote, Actress / Model Victoria Silvstedt “was wet” for me – even though I’d never met her!

Click here to see more of her photo shoot, and discover how I got that calendar!

Working at E! gave me the chance to meet some of the best Cult Movie Queens, including one who starred in one of the most provocative films ever released by a major motion picture studio:

I interviewed Elizabeth Berkley prior to the release of “Showgirls!” Click here to see how that happened, and get a more revealing look at the film as well!

And to finish my “Wild ON…” trip down memory lane, I also got the chance to work with this great Cult Movie Queen there:

Tiffany Shepis and I collaborated on some great segments for “Wild On The Riviera” while she worked with Troma – you can see what we did there – and it included the great Director James Gunn too:

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  1. Miriam was certainly ‘built for comfort’, John! Russ Meyer would have loved her, I’m sure.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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