Celebrating The Buxom Pin-Up Legend Shawn Devereaux! Her “Nudie Cutie” Cult Films “In The Raw!”

Meet The Legendary “Pin-Up” Model Shawn Devereaux!

My “2021 Sex Kitten Countdown” has featured Cult Movie Queens from the past six decades: some of well known, like Sybil Danning – but some are less known trailblazers!

Shawk Devereaux was one of the most popular Pin-Up Models in an era of “girly magazines” sound under the counter!

Also, sorry for the formatting here on a few of the photos – there are VERY FEW photos of Devereaux with her clothes on – and they have proven to be a bit more complicated to manipulate!

Shawn’s Legendary “Busty” Magazine Covers!

Devereaux was a hugely popular Model in the 60’s, in magazines you might not ever have heard of. Before we dive into some of her wildest “nudie cutie” films, let’s look at some of her magazine work!

She was featured in many of the era’s men’s magazines, because of her full figure beauty and her natural ability to pose for some very compelling photos!

She epitomizes an era when these Models were seen in magazines that were sold in “specialty” stores – no where near mainstream consumers…and her popularity led righ to the 60’s “nudie cutie” films that spelled the birth of grind house cinema!

“Europe In The Raw!”

Russ Meyer made his name with films like this – promising provocative scenes from an exotic part of the world where there were no rules – and who better to exemplify that world than Shawn!

Devereaux bared all in this 1963 film, just the first of her naked appearances in cinema…and remember that Meyer even showcased his wife around that time as well:

Eve Meyer was stunningly beautiful, and after appearing in some of her husband’s films, she had a great career behind-the-camera, but a tragic end – you can see more of her story here:

As for Shawn, more “nudies cuties” and “sexploitation” movies followed:

“How To Succeed With Sex”

This 1970 film was just an excuse to showcase lots of softcore sexual shenanigans…and what about this film?

“Fandango” was in 1970 as well – you know, when men were hard and women easy!

Russ Meyer reached out to Shawn the next year for a provocative, mainstream effort!

“The Seven Minutes” in 1971 was one of those films where a movie studio tackled sex and violence with no enough of either to satisfy the cult film crowd!

As I said, even while appearing in cult film, Shawn was also a very popular pin-up model in nudist magazines of that era:

That’s right: Shawn was “Swinger Of The Month!”

Devereaux gradually drifted away from the business, but congratulations to her on such a great career, which reminds me of another “nudie cutie”:

Liz Renay was a “Burlesk” dancer and a mobster’s Moll as well!

Click here to see her story!

And don’t forget this busty pin-up Model who carved out an action career!

Yes, it was an action film highlighting her ample figure!

Click here to see her wild story:

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  1. I don’t remember Shawn at all, but I can easily see why she had such a long and successful career! 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.



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