Hooray For Susan Nero! New: An Update From Susan!

Hooray For Hollywood!

First of all, thanks to one of the readers of this blog for the suggestion to profile the great life and career of Sue Nero – and as that picture above shows, she loved Hollywood and Hollywood loved her!

My “2021 Sex Kitten Countdown” looks at her empowered career and candid thoughts on all aspects of her life!

Susan Update:

After I posted this profile, a Facebook reader said he shared the story with Sue and she appreciated the homage – didn’t like some of the photos so I have tweaked this a bit! Hope I made her happier!

She is retired and happy!

Susan Nero was born on February 3, 1959 in Boston, Massachusetts. Nero grew up in a very strict middle-class family. Moreover, Susan competed in various sports and was a varsity cheerleader in high school.

Nero moved to the San Francisco Bay Area in 1978 and began her career in the adult entertainment industry working as a stripper in local clubs.

Susan, also credited at time as just “Sue”, branched out to explicit X-rated features in the late 1970’s.

She is stunningly beautiful and I hope she is happier with the images used now.

She has more than 60 credits, let’s look at some of her biggest hits, working with some of the era’s biggest stars:

Even though she wasn’t the lead Actress in many of these films, she was known for her natural, sultry figure…

As you can see from the poster art, there are many adult performers in these films – that was normal, which means that Sue worked with some of the greatest adult performers of that era, like Rhonda Jo Petty:

She was known as the “Adult Farrah Fawcett!” Click here to see why:

Susan had dozens and dozens of credits around this time, including “Midnight Heat” in 1983 and “Sex World Girls” from 1987.

Sue was open and honest about her co-stars, especially when it came to giving them credit. As she said about fellow Adult Star Samantha Fox:

“There’s not a bad word you can say about that lady. She’s the most sincere, sweetest woman I’ve ever met in the business. She’d give you the shirt off her back, she’s that generous.”

Samantha Fox had an acclaimed career in adult film as well, and a tragic end – you can click here to see her story:

Nero also worked with the first “non-white” Adult Superstar Vanessa Del Rio!

Sue was very impressed with this superstar. As she said:

“Vanessa exudes sex. She looks like a sexy tigress and she’s raw. She’s very oral. Her mouth is sexy. I think I know her better than a lot of people in the business because I’ve lived with her. I’ve seen all sides of her. We’re still good friends. I just saw her two days ago. If we can help each other out, we do it. But she does look out for number one first and we’re similar like that. Still, she’s good people.”

You can see all of Vanessa’s best work by clicking here:

Even with an active adult film career, Nero ultimately found a more joyful experience doing burliest shows – as she said in a 1982 interview:

“At this point, I like stripping best, because I love dancing, because I love to turn men on. I love my shows because they allow me to be creative. I love teasing men. I really get off on it. I can’t deny it.”

Sue was a “natural” woman, which she acknowledged- albeit with a caution:

“Hopefully, I’m known more than for that. My breasts are what has helped make money all these years. They may not be the best looking tits around, but they sure are big. I used to have a complex about them. I still do.”

Nero also posed for a wide variety of adult publications like Gent, Adam Choice, Big Boobs, Cinema-X Review, and Adult Cinema Review.

Nero had some harsh words for the adult entertainment business, especially when VHS tapes exploded in popularity – because of the lack of income it gave her:

“Let me say this. Guys go out and buy porno cassettes because of us. And do we make any money off of the sales? No. We don’t make shit. We make a drop in the bucket compared to what they make on these films. They make millions.”

Sadly, that was a reality for many of the great Adult Film Stars…they made a lot of films, but not a lot of money.

More Of Susan’s Update!

According to my FB friend, here is what Susan said to him via test:

“I actually remember saying those things about Vanessa and Samantha. I worked in rheumatologist office only 6 months taking time off from a very high volume workload at Quest Diagnostics which is still my employer today. I am basically retired now but do occasional health and wellness events and was doing Covid antibody testing. I also had a career before phlebotomy in NYC as a legal assistant for 10 years before getting married and moving back to my hometown in Massachusetts.”

So happy to hear she is happy and healthy!

Sue was one of the legends in the business…similar to this popular star:

Lisa de Leeuw was gorgeous, and she also worked with many other superstars – click here to see them all:

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Let me know if you’ve seen any of Sue’s films!

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4 replies

  1. I had the pleasure in the early 90’s of getting a lapdance from Sue Nero at the Harmony theater in Manhattan ,(West 22nd St).
    She was a lot of fun!

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  2. Thanks for acting on my recommendation ! Really big Sure Nero fan – and always glad to see and hear anything new about her !

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  3. Never heard of her, but great to discover her. She certainly has that natural ‘unworked’ look that appeals to me. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

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