Meet Italian Sex Kitten Andrea Belfiore! Her Shockingly Nude Couch Scene And Wild Film Title!

Meet Actress Andrea Belfiore!

As a huge fan of cult cinema, I buy special edition blu-rays and DVD’s of films from the 70’s and 80’s that may have escaped my attention – usually because they are from other countries.

I came across Andrea Belfiori in an unusual way, so I wanted to know more. Sadly, there’s not much listed about Andrea’s early life – and not many photos of her like this – I’ll explain…

My “2021 Sex Kitten Countdown” looks at Andrea’s career because of a cult movie I bought that she is in! As sometimes happens, it’s difficult to find pictures of the Cult Movie Actresses I profile that have them clothed – and it’s no different with Andrea!

It can also be different when certain photos, titled as her, can sometimes show at different hairstyle or even color – but it gets much easier once you just list their most provocative credit – then you can find countless photos like this!

Perhaps that’s due to the fact she was Playboy’s Playmate of the Month for December 1980 in Italy.

These photos are ALL labelled as Andrea Belfiore, but it’s hard to know since a few have a slightly different look…either way, my attempt is to celebrate her career, including two wild will wild films!

Andrea appeared in more than a dozen films and TV shows between 1980 and 2002, but this is perhaps her biggest hit – and the film I bought!

She made her movie debut in 1980 in an uncredited role in “Patrick Still Lives” – but what a showcase for her!

Five people receive an anonymous letter revealing a secret of theirs and inviting them to come stay at a mansion that houses a clinic run by a corrupt doctor who experiments on the brain of his comatose son.

Check out the trailer – in Italian of course:

This is a great cult film, and I was happy to buy the newly remastered edition from Severin – bravo to them!

I mean, she can lick my bed frame anytime! Sorry, it was too easy NOT to do it!

And here is the film’s most erotic scene:

Seemingly under the spell of the comatose Patrick, she lies down nude on this couch and the camera lingers on a VERY revealing body rub!

It’s a doozy – not to be outdone by one of the most gruesome murders in the film, where Patrick manipulates a fireplace poker to kill one of the hotel guests!

This movie starts slow but builds up to a wild wild wild finish!

And now, the film title I couldn’t put in the title of the story!

Andrea also appeared that same year in the provocatively titled “Blow Job” – yes:


I mean, what a title! Andrea appeared in the movie using the screen name Anna Massarelli. I also love how they use a knockoff of The Rolling Stones logo!

Stefano and his girlfriend Diana fall two weeks behind on their hotel rent and face having their luggage and car impounded until they can pay the bill. Conveniently for them, a distraught woman in the room right above theirs leaps to her death from the window. Using that as a distraction, the lovebirds sneak out and take off.

From there, the wild erotic misadventures continue!

Ultimately, Andrea appeared in a dozen more films before her credits end in 1997.

Bravo to Andrea for a terrific caree, and for these two cult film gems!

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4 replies

  1. I saw the original film of ‘Patrick’, but not the one featured. As always, you gave Andrea a great tribute, John.
    Best wishes, Pete.


  2. Patrick Still Lives is one of the sleaziest, and most fun rip-offs I’ve had the pleasure to see.



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