Lina Romay’s Torrid “Night Of Open Sex!” Severin Films Gives Jess Franco The Special X-Rated Treatment!

Who Wants “Open Sex” With Lina Romay?

Well, what kind of question is that? According to Severin Films, everyone does!

That’s why they have stepped up again with another one of her wildest films!

Cult Movie Queen Lina Romay appeared in dozens and dozens of cult classics – I’ll share a few more with you later, but some of her wildest work from Spain has been brought back to life in amazing new, remastered editions!

Severin Films has released a number of obscure 80’s sex shockers that prolific Director Jess Franco made in Spain – all lovingly restored with lots of great bonus material as well….oh, and this is one of his more graphic films ever, and that’s saying a lot!

Lina stars as beautiful and erotic cabaret dancer Moira, who is hired to impersonate another woman who turns out to be a secret agent!

First, here is a Severin preview trailer of the movie, as well as another cool new remastered release of theirs as well:

Let’s break this down. Lina is, indeed an exotic cabaret dancer, who we see writhing on a car on a stage:

And writhe and writhe she does for an extended period, but it’s worth it because her very lengthy routine ends this way, to the delight of the audience and of course, all of us watching the blu-ray:

We meet the other main characters as well: a shady cohort who may have his own motives…but that’s OK, because one of them is having sex with Lina – A LOT:

If you know Lina, you know she is just fine with that!

Of course, the impersonated woman enters the picture, and this is where the film takes a really nasty turn:

Things aren’t looking good for her – in fact, they are looking “hot”!

You see, at one point Lina takes a hot curling iron to get her captive to talk – and uses it in exactly the place you think!

It is a shocking moment, but that’s the story: fast-paced, erotic and violent in equal measure, with a great performance by Actress Lorna Green as well – including some trysts with Lina:

The bonus features include an interview from the mid-90’s with Franco discussing how he can shoot so many films in a single year – with Lina looking on, and more information on this Director’s incredible appetite for him!

If you are a Franco fan – or just want to see much of Lina Romay on display, this is a terrific release:

Severin has been on a roll lately with remastered editions of some Franco’s more neglected films

They outdid themselves with this one: a wild film even by Franco standards, with a FEARLESS performance by Romay:

She’s uninhibited in the film, in a role that sees her naked – frequently and fully:

But get this – the special outtakes are even more revealing, in fact they are XXX-rated! Click here for more details on this superb release:

While Franco did some of his best work with his partner Lina, he had a few others who were mesmerizing as well:

He directed Soledad Miranda in two terrific films, and Severin has them as well – click here for more:

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Again, bravo to Severin for keeping cult cinema alive!

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  1. I know how much you like Lina, John. You always give her a great feature!
    (I had to stop retweeting these, as some of my Twitter follwers were upset by the images. )
    Best wishes, Pete.


    • Im glad you stopped retweeting Pete…I only share these on very specific cult film pages, and you can only get these stories if you sign up for them – for example I do not post them on Twitter at all, even though there is nothing NSFW in the photo used – still I understand and ma glad you no longer share – thanks for reading them!

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