Celebrating Charlotte Alexandra’s Provocative Cult Movie Career! Her “Emmanuelle” Movie Too!

Meet Actress Charlotte Alexandra!

I didn’t know this Actress, then I realized I actually owned a film she starred in! That’s one of the things I really enjoy about my “2021 Sex Kitten Countdown”, highlighting great talent who may not be as well known as they deserve to be!

Charlotte was born in England in 1955 as Charlotte Alexandra Seeley…but it was her work in another country that led her to appear in a very provocative film!

Charlotte used her first and middle name, Charlotte Alexandra when she got started as an Actress in France in 1974… and her first films set the stage for the daring work that was to come!

Alexandra was 17 when she got her cinematic start – in a French film that was translated into a much more promotable title!

In many countries it was translated as “Jailbait”! As you can see from the artwork, it’s an empowered woman expressing her – well – freedom to be “Jailbait!”

The film came out in 1972 and “Immoral Tales” arrived the following year – and Charlotte “leaned in” to this one as well!

This film was a series of sensual vignettes, and it gave Charlotte a chance to lounge around nude on a bed:

Thisfilm led to her next role – the very controversial film that I own, and didn’t realize this was Charlotte in the lead role:

French Director Catherine Breillat’s 1976 debut had Charlotte playing a surly, aggressive fourteen-year-old girl who AGGRESSIVELY explores her fledgling sexuality.  Alexandra was twenty when she played the role.

Charlotte undergoes a series of sexual encounters that increase in very dramatic ways, and Alexandra puts it all on the line:

Director Breillat’s entire career was filled with eye-opening films like this – you may have heard of her other film called “Fat Girl” as well as many others, like “Romance”…as for Charlotte, her work in France was proving quite popular…

She kept it up when she appeared in the third of the “Emmanuelle” films!

Emmanuelle 3: Goodbye Emmanuelle!

Well, you can’t keep a good girl down!

This 1977 film starred Sylvia Kristel, who was renowned in the role of “Emmanuelle” – the wife of a French diplomat who embarks on a voyage of sexual discovery throughout the series….

The films are erotic cinema at its finest, and Kristel will always be known for the lead role…

Sylvia had a wild career, which I profiled, and you can see all of it here:

Charlotte’s Disappearing Act!

Charlotte’s career was on a roll, as she was appearing in big hits and edgy artistic cinema…but then she disappeared!

Alexandra dropped out of sight for several years before showing in a series of films as Charlotte Seeley, using her birth name!

There were a half dozen roles, the most prominent being this one:


After this film in 1986, she appeared in a few others before leaving the business for good.

Alexandra reminded me of another Cult Movie Queen I profiled, who made a big cinematic splash at a young age:

Susan Hemingway jumped right into the business in a series of wild Jess Franco movies – see them all here:

And speaking of exotic beauties who starred in Jess Franco films:

Muriel Montosse was in a number of Franco films, but the wildest for me was “Cecila” – see it here!

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  1. Trying to make young actresses appear even younger, was something they got away with back then. I remember the uproar when ‘Pretty Baby’ was released, with Brooke Shields playing a child prostitute when she was just 11 years old. The controversy overshadowed what was in many ways a good film. Then there was Jodie Foster in Taxi Driver, only 12 years old when it was filmed.
    I doubt any of that could happen now.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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